Our Daily Manna 4 November 2022 – THE WAITING ROOM OF LIFE

Our Daily Manna 4 November 2022


Daily Manna ODM
Daily Manna ODM

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Everyone that has ever risen to any place of greatness has passed through this waiting room of life. I passed through mine! David spent his own time in the waiting room of life. Noah spent his own time; about a hundred years! Abraham spent his own time, about twenty five years waiting for Isaac to be born!

Moses spent his own time, about forty years in the desert. Joshua and Caleb spent their own time, about forty years waiting to take over their portion of the Promised Land. Our Daily Manna 4 November 2022 – THE WAITING ROOM OF LIFE

Jesus spent His thirty years in silence! The waiting room of life is never full! It has a seat or anyone destined for greatness! Don’t worry yourself about HOW LONG you will spend in that room. HOW LONG you spend is not as important as WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHILE YOU ARE WAITING.

Make sure you yield yourself and you’re fully prepared while in that waiting room. Hear Vs. 49 of today’s scripture: “Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, UNTIL you are endued with power from on high.” THAT’S ONE KEY THING THAT MUST HAPPEN IN THE WAITING ROOM OF LIFE.
The waiting room is a place of divine surgery and it is a compulsory preparatory school of greatness! It is a school in which your character, holiness and humility will be tested!

Our Daily Manna 4 November 2022 – THE WAITING ROOM OF LIFE

Remember that CHARISMA can take you to the palace but it takes CHARACTER to keep you there! If Joseph waited for 17 years after his dream; if the LORD Jesus waited thirty years before He was endued with power at the River Jordan, why would you want to hurry? Hurry always leads to SORRY and never forget that delay is not a denial/defeat!

No matter how 2022 has been, determine to wait for the LORD GOD! TRUST HIM! Let Him build you into all that He wants you to be and your palace THRONE will be secured! Hold on and hold out! Then wait for HIM! (Give out copies of ODM this week).

Our Daily Manna 4 November 2022 – THE WAITING ROOM OF LIFE

ONE-ON-ONEWITH BISHOP CHRIS IN THE UK OR EUROPE! TOMORROW – November 5th is the one-on-one with Bishop Chris at Kingsley House just by the TRAIN STATION, 37-39 BALMORAL RD, GILLINGHAM ME7 4NT, UK. Call this number for enquiries and bookings: +447448117504.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Showers of blessing…

  1. Pray now on today’s word as it has touched you.
  2. Pray about this NEW QUARTER! I yield myself wholly to You Lord to be prepared for that place of glory/destiny!

  3. My waiting room shall not be turned into a wasting room. I refuse to be wasted! I shall not hurry to my shame! Our Daily Manna 4 November 2022 – THE WAITING ROOM OF LIFE

  4. Every arrow of disappointment designed to tun my waiting time into depression time, scatter by fire now!

  5. I will WAIT till my CHANGE comes in Jesus name!

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