Our Daily Manna 5 December 2018 – HE TOLD HIM: TAKE IT UP…

Our Daily Manna 5 December 2018


Basic Scriptures: 2 Kings 6: 1-7; Proverbs 22: 7

The devil is determined to enslave as many people as he can and keep them in slavery forever. I don’t know what the devil has schemed up for you to put you in shame but I am sent to declare concerning you: Every plot from the pit of hell to tie you down and limit you, is scattered today in Jesus name!

Our Daily Manna 5 December 2018

Our Daily Manna 5 December 2018

Oh, catch this: No matter the worst thing the devil can come up with, God’s best will always overtake it! Yes! God is busy working on your case and He has a plan! The AXEHEAD sank and the man who borrowed it cried out for help. The prophet of God, Elisha, just cut down stick and threw it into the very place that the axe-head sank, and instantly the unusual happened! Two quick lessons here: 1. The stick was dropped at the VERY LOCATION where the AXE-HEAD fell! GOD IS VERY SPECIFIC CONCERNING YOUR CASE!

He can locate you SPECIFICALLY and SPECIALLY from the approximately 8 billion souls on this planet today! He knows your SPECIFIC ADDRESS and He has SPECIFIC answers to your SPECIFIC BATTLES! So, refuse to fear! 2. The God that you are serving cannot be limited by natural laws! He is not subject to political, economic and biological laws. Maybe all the laws are against you but they cannot be against your God! 2018 is ending and the Gregorian calendar may be against you, but it cannot be against your God! Don’t give up now! Biology (your age/time) may be against you, but not against your God!

Cry out to Him and watch Him reverse the irreversible! Did the axe-head not float again? Ah! Receive this: Your blessings and breakthrough that sank in the waters of delay and anguish will float again! The LORD is saying: “FEAR NOT! Your AXE-HEAD shall FLOAT AGAIN!” That blessing will float an come within your reach again! Just reach out your hand and take it! Yes! TAKE IT! Elisha told that man, ‘TAKE IT UP!’

Our Daily Manna 5 December 2018

The spirit of God is telling you the same today: “THANK ME IN ADVANCE DAILY BY FAITH AND TAKE THAT BLESSING!” Weep not! Reject depression and murmuring!” Thank the LORD and watch Him reverse the irreversible! Yes! Take up that blessing BY FAITH now and if you can, don’t miss the Lagos anointing service of this Saturday:

Plan and prepare to attend the Manna Mountain Lagos for the last 2019 ANOINTING SERVICE of 2018, on SATURDAY December 8th, time is 8.00am with the theme: “REVERSING THE IRREVERSIBLE.” Venue: Ogudu.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: My faith looks up…
1. Pray seriously as led concerning today’s word.

2. NOTHING can be against me! Lord, through my life/ministry, show the world that You are a SPECIFIC God.
3. I refuse depression! I take up my testimony by faith! Lord, reverse every irreversible past in Jesus name. Pray about today now!


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5 years ago

Pastor also arrange for us mountain places in Zambia to meet when you are meeting there, by your guide one of us the ODM reader can lead the group as you are leading that side. Pastor you have sometimes asked all the ODM readers to wake up at midnight to pray, the same spirit that unit us at that time can unit us even on mountain prayers. Pastor the gift that is in you is strong to move mountains, continue holding on to our Almighty so that more of us can find salvation, from the bottom of my heart your material is blessed by God.

Thank You Lord for the Gift in which we are all benefiting.

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