Our Daily Manna 6 February 2019 – OH, YOU STRANGE BLOOD! KEEP QUIET FOREVER NOW! – 2

Our Daily Manna 6 February 2019


Basic Scripture: GENESIS 4: 1-11; HEBREWS 12: 24

Once upon a time in a certain village around South-South region, Nigeria, the king of the village was killed because he was very wicked. I was a little boy then! The people were so fed up with his reign and thought of how to get rid of him as their king. So the villagers dug a grave and kept his throne on it covered with a mat. One day, unknown to the wicked king, he called for his usual weekly meeting of elders and as he sat on his throne to address the people, he began to sink with the throne into the grave.

Our Daily Manna 6 February 2019
new our daily manna 2019

Our Daily Manna 6 February 2019

The villagers had BOILED HOT WATER and as he was falling inside the deep hole dug under his throne, they began pouring the HOT BOILING WATER on him until he died! But as he was dying in that lonely and horrible pit of agony, he was CURSING THE VILLAGE, THE PEOPLE AND THEIR CHILDREN IN ANGER AND PAIN. He cursed them till he had no more voice and until he breathed the last! And truly, because he was a negative occultic king, that village began to experience generational stagnation! Other neighbouring villages became cities! But they remained in dryness and stagnation!

Any good government project will always pass them by and be located in other villages! My father was a school Principal in that village and as a little boy, I was taken to the historic spot where the king was killed! Oh! That story has remained with me till date even after my dad was posted out to bigger cities! Now think about it; the unborn generation of that village will suffer from a curse they know nothing about because THE MAN’S BLOOD WAS STILL SPEAKING! Oh! Before continuing today’s devotional, pray the following prayers with holy anger and aggression:

Our Daily Manna 6 February 2019

(1). O God, any blood, like Abel’s blood before I was born, still speaking against my life, family, career, business and ministry, THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS AGAINST YOU! KEEP QUIET NOW! Your yoke is dissolved in the BLOOD SHED ON CALVARY’S CROSS in Jesus name! (2). O blood covenant and curses, blood of my ancestors and blood of wickedness, etc, hear this: “The HIGHEST and MOST POTENT BLOOD in heaven, on earth and under the earth, is against your VOICE! STOP SPEAKING against me now! Our Daily Manna 6 February 2019 – OH, YOU STRANGE BLOOD! KEEP QUIET FOREVER NOW! – 2

I am BORN AGAIN into a new FAMILY GENERATION and the Blood of Jesus is speaking GRACE, MERCY AND GLORY concerning the whole of my destiny in Jesus name! The BLOOD of Jesus is taking me from STORY to GLORY! Be silenced now in Jesus name. Thank you LORD JESUS.” Today’s 2nd scripture states: “And to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.” Halleluyah! This is your year of BETTER THINGS! It is not your year of BITTER THINGS! Pray seriously now!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. Repent from any secret sin now! LORD, HAVE MERCY ON THE SINS OF MY FATHERS (Pray it seriously). Our Daily Manna 6 February 2019 – OH, YOU STRANGE BLOOD! KEEP QUIET FOREVER NOW! – 2
2. Pray the prayers ABOVE in this write up again!


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Edet Glory
Edet Glory
5 years ago

odm has help me real good

Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago


Ifeyinwa Aniekwe
Ifeyinwa Aniekwe
5 years ago


JOYCE Osei Adjei
JOYCE Osei Adjei
5 years ago

Oh! You strange blood! Keep quiet forever now!
The blood of Jesus is against you, die die backfire by fire

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