Our Daily Manna 6 November 2018 – THE ALBERTO – RONALDO’S STORY!

Our Daily Manna 6 November 2018


Basic Scripture: Philippians 2: 1-11

When he received one of his awards recently, Ronaldo dedicated it to a certain, unknown person called Alberto Fantrau. He said: “Yes, I am a great footballer but all my success is due to my friend Alberto’s good heart.” People looked at one another and said, “Who is Mr. Fantau?” Then Ronaldo continued: “We played together in a youth team. When Sporting of Lisbon recruiters came to observe us, they told us that the striker that scored the most goals will be recruited into the sport academy. Click here to read – Daily Manna Today 5 November 2018 – “THE BEAM AND THE MOTE!

Our Daily Manna 6 November 2018

Our Daily Manna 6 November 2018

That day we won 3-0. I scored the first goal and then Alberto scored the 2nd goal with the head. And the 3rd goal was the one that impressed everyone. Alberto started from the wing, then found himself face to face with the keeper, dribbled the goalkeeper and all he had to do was to push the ball into the empty goal post. But instead of shooting into the empty goal post, Albert decided to pass the ball to me and I scored.

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So, I scored two goals and he scored just one goal and this is how I found myself at the Sporting Lisbon Academy. After the game I went to him, and asked him: “why did you do that?” And he replied, “Because I know that you are better than I am and you will go far in life in this game. You need that push!” Later in life, Ronaldo actually rewarded this kind move of his team mate. Our Daily Manna 6 November 2018 – THE ALBERTO – RONALDO’S STORY!

This story is too good to be true in today’s modern world of greed and PHD – PULL HIM DOWN syndrome! But what matters is that the LORD is using it to remind you of today’s scripture Vs 3: “Let nothing be done through strife or vain glory; but in lowlinesss of mind, let each esteem other better than themselves.” Do you grip that?

Our Daily Manna 6 November 2018

As 2018 ends and 2019 begins, catch this secret: ESTEEM OTHERS AS BETTER THAN YOU! This is HUMILITY that will be rewarded beyond words. I remember Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

You cannot rise by putting others down. Instead of doing that, just IMPROVE YOURSELF and WAIT FOR YOUR SEASON! Truly, the only person on earth you should be competing with daily is YOU! Don’t think that blocking intelligent, talented and good people can add to your God-ordained destiny! Destiny is destiny! You cannot go beyond what God has destined for you! Helping another person to succeed can only make your destiny more secured and peaceful!

Also, NEVER forget those who helped you to succeed! If those you helped has forgotten YOU, always remember that the God you serve will never forget you! He never sleeps nor slumbers! He is a rewarder! So keep doing more good! God is watching! Our Daily Manna 6 November 2018 – “THE ALBERTO – RONALDO’S STORY!

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