Our Daily Manna 7th November 2020

Our Daily Manna 7th November 2020


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Something very bizarre and mind-blowing was unearthed in Zimbabwe in 2018. It was found that majority of women in that country may be lying about the paternity (real fathers) of their children. As many as 70% of men in the country are probably not the biological fathers of children they thought were theirs, if the DNA results done there in 2018 were anything to go by. According to a paternity outfit that goes by the name Global DNA Zimbabwe, test results carried out, spanning over a period of 16 months, showed that most of the men were not the fathers of their children. For instance, of the people that went for DNA tests in January 2018, 84% of the men proved not to be the fathers of the children involved! He said, “The majority of people are living in the dark. But truth be told, the mother has already told the real father about the child, and not wanting to take responsibility, the real father leaves the other man to take care of the child and pay school fees even university. Imagine the disappointment/pain later in life when after university, the real father comes and says: “This is my child.” What a world we live in! Just imagine the level of deceit and unfaithfulness that has been meted out to such men! How would you feel when you discover that your spouse has not been faithful and that you have been raising another man’s child or children? As 2020 ends, decree and pray that God will reveal every DECEITFUL person or event around your life, family and ministry! I just heard my 3 Friends” (The Trinity) telling me to tell you that in 28 days, you will know a secret that has been hidden from you for years! Every LYING SPIRIT will be exposed

(Read the whole of 1 Kings 22 later)! Oh, thank you LORD! Contact us via +234 903-264-8292 (whatsapp only) or e-mail: orderodm@gmail.com when it happens. Our Daily Manna 7th November 2020
Decree also, that you will not labour for others to eat! This kind of unfaithfulness and deceit can even lead to the children ………………1st scripture says that Moses was a faithful servant in God’s house (See Heb 3: 5). Are you faithful to God financially, to your friends, your office boss, church or spouse/family, etc? Or has a “LYING SPIRIT” CAPTURED YOU? Our Daily Manna 7th November 2020

Use today to settle the serious issues raised in today’s devotional. Pray now. (Share today’s word with a friend/family CLICK THE SHARE BUTTON AT THE END OF THIS POST. Then give them an ODM copy). Our Daily Manna 7th November 2020

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: My faith looks up.

  1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led
  2. I shall not be a victim of LYING SPIRITS! Repent from any unfaithfulness to God and to man (mention them). I shall be faithful like Moses from this day. Our Daily Manna 7th November 2020
  3. Lord, between now and the next 28 days, reveal to me any HIDDEN SECRET concerning my life/ministry (Pray it for 3 days).
  4. I decree that I shall not be successfully deceived! I shall not labour for others to eat. I shall eat the fruit of my labour in Jesus name.
  5. I Kings 22: 22- Pray about the remaining days of 2020. SCATTER and BIND LYING SPIRITS and LYING WONDERS!
  6. Pray about today and pray about any issue affecting your peace (Pray in Tongues)!

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