Our Daily Manna August 2018 Day 31 – TOPIC: THE MASTER STORYTELLER!

Our Daily Manna August 2018 Day 31


Basic Scripture: JEREMIAH 29:4-14

I remember what Kenny Rogers sang years ago: Let’s go out in a blaze of glory All good thing must end Like two heroes in a story Let’s go out like we came in In a blaze of glory. You can go out with a deafening applause, or get carried out of the field of play! He was right, but he was thinking like a man!

Our Daily Manna August 2018 Day 31

Our Daily Manna August 2018 Day 31

He was saying every man or woman must know when to draw the curtain/ quit in career, business or sports, etc. But with God, AGE DOES NOT MATTER IF THE MATTER DOES NOT AGE! How can age matter with the ONE called the ANCIENT OF DAYS? We questioned where God was, when we watched countless numbers dying from an epidemic of the Ebola virus which occurred a few years ago!

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We hear about Christians killed for their faith in the LORD Jesus and we may ask, “Where is God in all of this?” But the Holy Ghost is still reminding you of what Isaiah rang out: God’s ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. His plan is impeccable perfect)! We may not see it from our limited vantage point, but God sees the whole story, not just the page in history we sit in! Wow! He knows how it all started and what it was working towards!

Our Daily Manna August 2018 Day 31

He knows that all the evil committed in the world together will work out for the good of HIS PLANS. When you don’t understand the events around your life, family and ministry, just rest in Him! HE KNOWS! Your struggle to see what God sees shouldn’t cause you to doubt Him, but to trust Him. What kind of God will He be if you can understand all His actions just with your tiny brain?If you can understand all things with your brain, then you don’t need God! It would be humanity at its best!

This leaves us but with one option: Trust Him! Trust the Sovereign Storyteller! As God writes the story of history, He is not telling the same old story that has been told time and time again. He is telling a story that is incomparable! You might not see it clearly now, but you can trust Him because His thoughts towards you are thoughts of good to give you a WONDERFUL END! Hold on! Trust Him!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: → What a friend…
1. Thank God for AUGUST ending! Thank Him for LIFE! Our Daily Manna August 2018 Day 31

2. What kind of God will you be if I knew everything about You? Lord, help me to know that YOUR THOUGHTS FOR ME ARE GREAT in spite of all odds! Our Daily Manna August 2018 Day 31 – TOPIC: THE MASTER STORYTELLER!

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3. I trust the God that knows what I don’t know! SHAME SHALL PASS OVER ME in Jesus name.
4. Holy Ghost, scatter every plan of evil arrows fired against my destiny in Jesus name (Pray it seriously). 5. I refuse to IMAGINE HOW God will actualise the following issues of my destiny (mention them). Pray about today! Our Daily Manna August 2018 Day 31

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  1. ELOHIM !!I refuse to imagine how YOU will actualize my problems! !!! YOU are my healer. .my restorer! !! My everything in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST i pray!! Thank you! Thank you! Amen and amen!!!!!!

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