Our Daily Manna Devotional 8 May 2019 – THE BAD BOSS COMPETITION: GOOD IN EVERY BAD!

Our Daily Manna Devotional 8 May 2019



The United States Labour Movement once asked workers to move their complaints about their bosses from the realm of pain to the realm of gain! It sounded bizzare, but workers were invited throughout the country some years ago to share their best stories about their worst bosses in a competition titled: “My Bad BOSS Contest.” The winner went home with a one-week vacation and $1,000 for a roundtrip airfare.

Our Daily Manna Devotional 8 May 2019
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Our Daily Manna Devotional 8 May 2019

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Oh, it was good news because for once, a bad boss could be a good thing and generally that’s the truth about life, family and ministry, which the Holy Ghost wants you to learn through today’s devotional. No matter how bad a situation may seem, there is always something good buried within that circumstance. The truth is that adversity (pain and trials) have the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have remained dormant or undiscovered! The problem is not that there are problems.

The problem is expecting | otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem! No wonder the Bible say_s all things work together for good to them that love God. God will not allow you to pass through any situation that will not favour you in the end. Samuel Smiles wrote: “Men who resolved to find a way for themselves will always find opportunities enough; and if they do not find them, they will make them.”

There was honey in the lion that Samson killed, but the honey was discovered after many days! Vs. 8 says, “After a time…” Yes! AFTER A TIME! There is always GREAT GOOD after a time! Ask God to show you the good therein and the purpose for which it was allowed. You will laugh last, just after a time, no matter the heat of the battle now. As you wait upon God, begin to learn new dancing steps because I see you dancing very soon in celebration of your STORY to GLORY phase! Hold on! God will do it again!

Our Daily Manna Devotional 8 May 2019

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PRAYER POINTS: Take any Song 2: Count your blessings…
1. Worship the Lord for the Word. Our Daily Manna Devotional 8 May 2019 – THE BAD BOSS COMPETITION: GOOD IN EVERY BAD!
2. Thank God for where you are in life.

  1. Pray again over every bad circumstance confronting your life/ministry. Lord, reveal to me the good and hidden profit in this situation (Mention it and pray it very well).
    (This booklet, ODM, is the best wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday or general gift item. GIVE IT OUT ALWAYS). Our Daily Manna Devotional 8 May 2019 – THE BAD BOSS COMPETITION: GOOD IN EVERY BAD!

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  1. Amen. Thank you for the word.

  2. Ayodele Tajudeen Justice

    Wonderful message

  3. Joyce Osei Adjei

    God do it again!
    Turn every bad situation in my life into my dancing feast in Jesus’ name!
    God blesses you, Bishop and all the crew.

  4. This is so true. You will always find the honey in the lion, after you have killed the lion. There’s never a champion, without a championship. May God help us to have understanding, and perseverance through prayers and hard work.

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