Our Daily Manna Devotional 9 March 2019 – IS NOT FAVOUR ABOVE IS NOT ABROAD

Our Daily Manna Devotional 9 March 2019



Again, I received another mail in late 2006 and I am led to use it as a focus in today’s devotional. Read along with me. “Beloved Dr. Chris, my eldest brother has been living in the United States for the past twenty-five years (since 1981). Till this moment, his impact has never been felt at home — no achievement of any kind whatsoever. He has, as of now, abandoned his wife and four children in Houston Texas and left for Oklahoma city.

Our Daily Manna Devotional 9 March 2019
odm 2019 devotional

Please, brother, in union with the 24-hour Worldwide Manna Prayer Chain, help me in prayers so that my brother (regardless of the wasted years) will be delivered from the bounds and shackles of the wicked one and come back to his senses. Remain richly blessed (Brother K – 08033954780).” As soon as the mail was received, we started praying and I know that the mercy of God, will cause a wonderful testimony out of this battle for the destiny of a lovely soul; but the Holy Ghost emphasis in today’s devotional is on the fact that prosperity is not from abroad, but from above.

What can you say of a man that has not made any impact on humanity after spending 25 years in America? The Holy Ghost also wants a user of today’s devotional to note that labour is not favour and labour does not guarantee a lift to your next level. Millions are migrating across the globe from nation to nation in search of greener pastures. But the stack reality is that a lizard in Africa cannot become a crocodile in America, neither can a dog in Asia become a lion in Europe.

I receive calls from across the globe daily and I have discovered that there is no continent that is exempted from the battles of life. There are suffering/crying people in America while there are cruising people in Africa. This is the mystery of divine success! Isaac sowed in the land and he reaped a 100-fold. The blessing is not in the land. The blessing is in the covenant because others were sowing on the land at that same time. Do you know that a man/woman who understands the covenant can bloom in the desert?

LABOUR IS NOT FAVOUR! ABOVE IS NOT ABROAD! So, if God does not tell you to relocate, stay where you are, otherwise your name will be changed to FRUSTRATION. Our Daily Manna Devotional 9 March 2019 – IS NOT FAVOUR ABOVE IS NOT ABROAD

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PRAYER POINT: Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. Lord, help me not to look to man or nations but to You for my supply. Pray seriously about your life and ministry as led. Our Daily Manna Devotional 9 March 2019 – IS NOT FAVOUR ABOVE IS NOT ABROAD


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  1. Dear Pastor Chris, please I need your prayers here in Cambodia. I need God’s FAVOR over my life.

  2. I recieve Gods Favour over my life and family in Jesus Name ,Amen…God bless you More Pastor Chris

  3. Dear pastor Chris I just started a new business of which I am grateful to God for..But please I need you to help me pray for success and inspiration to improve in my business.

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