Our Daily Manna Devotional Today 7 May 2018- TURN AROUND AFTER 8 HOURS FIGHT

Our Daily Manna Devotional Today 7 May 2018



All Nippon Airways Company Ltd, also known as Zennikku or ANA, is the largest airline in Japan with headquarters located Shiadome city center of Minato, Tokyo Japan. In late December of 2017, one of its Aircraft took a flight from the Los Angeles International Airport, United States and headed for Tokyo. See ODM Daily For 6th May 2018 HERE

Our Daily Manna Devotional Today 7 May 2018

Our Daily Manna Devotional Today 7 May 2018

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The plane departed at 11:36am and flew for about 8 hours, only to discover that it had a wrong passenger on board. The passenger was supposed to have board another plane but some in circumstances yet to be unraveled, he boarded this Aircraft. The crew discovered after 8hours fight that the passenger had boarded the wrong plane. The pilot was told; he turned the plane hours into the journey and returned back to Los Angeles international Airport at 7:33pm.

The airline later issued a statement saying that security procedure had warranted the decision by pilot to turn around. ANA admitted that the error was there. Oh! Indeed, wonders do not end! But What the Holy Ghost is saying to a user of today’s devotional is that NO MISTAKE SHOULD BECOME YOUR CEMETARY!

NO MISTAKE SHOULD BECOME YOUR PRISON HOUSE OF DAILY REGRETS. THERE IS ROOM FOR A’’U-TURN’’. Even when you cannot UNDO what has been done, trust God to turn every past ERROR to your HERO STORTY! We all make mistakes in life! The mistake is not what is important! What is more important is the LESSON LEARNT from that mistake! Stop allowing the past to HURT YOU!

Our Daily Manna Devotional Today 7 May 2018

Learn and move on! A wise man said ‘’don’t carry your mistakes around with you. Instead place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones.” And always remember: “if it is good, wonderful. If it is bad, it’s experience. “In today’s scripture, when Joshua discovered the mistake Israel had made, he took steps to correct it. Achan and his family were eliminated; the nation bound back again to defeat Ai. Determine to turn around like the ANA pilot. Your best days are ahead!

PRAYER POINTS: take your best song of worship to God.
1. In your words pray on today’s word as led
2. LORD, thank you for your GRACE! Turn every mistake of my past to my miracle of tomorrow and to my celebration raw material in Jesus name. Our Daily Manna Devotional Today 7 May 2018

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3. My father, my father; turn every WOUND to WISDOM.
4. Pray in tongues seriously today concerning every past mistake or ERROR now!
5. Pray about today and about my other prayer point(s) as led now. Our Daily Manna Devotional Today 7 May 2018

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