Our Daily Manna For Winners 5 June 2019 – THE GOD OF SUDDENLY – 1 •

Our Daily Manna For Winners 5 June 2019



Tsaiah 29:5-6 says: “And in AN INSTANT, SUDDENLY, you shall Mbe visited and delivered by the Lord of hosts with thunder and earthquake and great noise, with whirlwind and tempest and the flame of a devouring fire.” Despite your past or current pain, trials and delays, I see INSTANT and SUDDEN divine visitations locating you soon like a whirlwind and devouring fire – GREAT SPEED!

Our Daily Manna For Winners
Our Daily Manna For Winners

Our Daily Manna For Winners 5 June 2019

I remember that years ago, a newly appointed commissioner’s wife in Kwara State of Nigeria narrated how she was in the market when the announcement of her husband’s appointment was made by the local radio; and on getting home, met lots of cars and people at their residence. People rushed out to congratulate her and ushered her into her own house. She was actually unaware of what had taken place. The GOD OF SUDDENLY had just visited her! She and the husband never expected it, but God did it even while they were unexpectant.

No matter the DELAY you are passing through concerning your STORY to GLORY season, the GOD OF SUDDENLY AND THE GOD OF INSTANT RESULTS shall show up for you and all yours like a devouring fire! If a prophet had told Joseph a day before his appointment that he was going to be a “Deputy Pharaoh” the NEXT DAY, it would have been so difficult for him to fathom it, but the GOD OF SUDDENLY visited him and his story changed! Are you tired of praying? Are you tired of putting your best in that job/business? Our Daily Manna For Winners 5 June 2019 – THE GOD OF SUDDENLY – 1 •

Are you on the verge of giving up on your dream(s)? Don’t quit now! Still hold on! Consider the number of years Joseph spent in the dungeon and how his story changed within 24 hours! The miracle of economic explosion in Samaria also took place within 24 hours (2 Kings 7). Can you imagine that a whole nation moved from economic doom to economic boom within 24 hours despite the negative stock exchange/experts’ reports? It does not take God a year to make you a multi-millionaire! All you need is just one FAVOUR encounter sent by God!

Our Daily Manna For Winners 5 June 2019

I am led to announce to you that the power of a 24-hour miracle will fall upon you in this 2nd quarter of 2019. God can use just a few minutes to wipe away your tears of ages! This is what is called, SUDDEN STORY TO GLORY! Don’t give up! Remember, It Is Not Over Until If s Over And It Is Not Over Till You Win! I see the GOD OF SUDDENLY rewriting your STORY this year!

If you sowed your 21-day Fasting Seed (GPS) or first Fruit but did not get any reply, then urgently type: “No Reply” to: orderodm@gmail.com. Our Daily Manna For Winners 5 June 2019 – THE GOD OF SUDDENLY – 1 •

PRAYER POINTS: Take your best worship song to God now. ODM Hymn Songs 2019

  1. The God of Suddenly, visit me today in Jesus name.
  2. Father, do not let me give up before Your time of visitation in Jesus name. Lord, do a 24-hour miracle in my life/ministry.

  3. Lord, in Your tune of visitation, let there be a total turn-around in my life/ministry. Pray for me today as led. Our Daily Manna For Winners 5 June 2019 – THE GOD OF SUDDENLY – 1 •


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Carol chunga
Carol chunga
5 years ago

Amen. Thank you for the word. I thank God most of my prayer points have been answered. I give God the glory.

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