Our Daily Manna June 18 2019 – ALL THEY NEED IN LIFE’S JOURNEY!

Our Daily Manna June 18 2019


BASIC SCRIPTURES: PSALM 138: 1-8; 2 Timothy 3:16-17

In God’s work, there are answers to every question! There is comfort towards the broken-hearted, strength for the weak, wisdom and understanding for the unlearned and guidance for those who are seeking for direction. The Bible warns us of danger, tells us to be courageous in times of struggle and promises victory when the end draws near.

Daily Bible Word for June 2019
daily manna June

A sister was travelling and told her roommate: “I only have to put into my suitcase a lamp, a mirror, my favourite love letters, a microscope; a telescope; a volume of fine poetry; a songbook; a few biographies; a package of old jetters; a sword and a set of books I have been Studying.” The surprised roommate fired back: “How do you intend to get all that in your suitcase? It’s almost full now.” The Christian sister replied: “Oh, when I put my Bible into that suitcase, all the items I have mentioned have automatically been put in.” Truly, as you journey through life, never forget to remind yourself and inform others that the WORD is all they need. In this 2nd quarter of 2019, refuse to be lazy with THE WORD! In any I problem/battle, use the I UNFAILING PROMISES PAGES of the booklet regularly (Pages 38-39).

NEVER FORGET THIS: God and His Word are one (John 1:1)! The WORLD cannot do for you what the WORD cannot do for you. God, Himself cannot do for you what His WORD cannot do for you. If you are lazy with the WORD, God becomes late to your WORLD. Learn and in this STORY to GLORY year, desire a new discipline for the Word.

Our Daily Manna JUNE ANOINTING SERVICE! – This Saturday is the Lagos Anointing Service For JUNE. Theme: “Stagnation Must Expire Now.” Come with 3 SPECIAL PRAYER POINTS again. Time Is 7.30am-am strictly! Venue: OGUDU-ORIOKE, TRANSFORMER BUS-STOP. Be there!

Also, sow your MERCY SEED and do a CHARITY WORK this month! Sunday, June 30th is the GRAND FINALE! Join us as we visit MERCY homes that day! daily manna June

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of consecration as led.

Hymns page Here

  1. Pray about today’s word as it has affected you.
  2. See Psalm 138:2 again and thank God for the Word.
  3. As the year moves on, I receive grace to fall in love again with the WORD – THE BIBLE! Repent from laziness in the past! Bind procrastination (Pray it seriously).
  4. Ask for the grace to use the FINISH-THE-BIBLE-IN- 1 YEAR-PLAN and the UNFAILING PROMISES (Pages 38 & 39) of this booklet REGULARLY.
  5. Pray about any issue(s) affecting your peace! Look for a Bible verse and pray with it on any matter affecting your pence daily!

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