Our Daily Manna ODM 22 January 2024 THE SHOCKING ATTACK OF ISRAEL – 1

Our Daily Manna ODM 22 January 2024


Daily Manna For Today January 2022
Daily Manna For Today January 2022


You are welcome to another day in this fasting programme! On the morning of Saturday, October 7, the Palestinian group called “Hamas” carried out a surprise attack on Israel on an unprecedented scale: firing thousands of rockets, infiltrating militants into Israeli territory by land, air (parachutes) and sea, and taking an unknown number of hostages. Over 800 Israelis, including soldiers, died and at least 1,700 were wounded with over 170 taken hostage! SHOCKING! I lost my appetite on that day! As Israeli forces responded in shock, over 500 Palestinians were killed and around 3,600 wounded. IT WAS A WAR SEASON and a great WORLD SHOCKER!It reminded the world of the 9/11 attacks on Americans in 2001. Indeed, Israel is known as THE BEST IN INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY, yet on that day – October 7th 2023, there was atotal system failure on Israel’s part. The Israelis are accustomed to being able to know exactly what the Palestinians are doing in detail from their sophisticated means of spying. They had been confident that Hamas could not launch a major attack: they wouldn’t dare, because they would be demolished! Also, about 19,000 Palestinian workers enter Israel every day from Gaza, and that was benefiting both economies (Israel and Palestine) and was generating tax revenues. But it turned out that, it was all a massive deception! The Hamas Palestinian group had been planning that deadly attack for months! And many questions were asked around the globe:“How is it possible that a ragtag band of terrorists could pull off that historic attack? Was Iran involved? How is it possible that they could beat the mighty Israeli intelligence community and the mighty dreaded Israeli Defence Forces (IDF)?Why did Hamas choose to carry out that particular kind of massive attack on an Israeli holiday?” Questions! Questions! Questions! As you meditate on today’s scriptures again, the Holy Ghost wants you to know that THE BEST OF MAN (THE ARM OF FLESH) WILL FAIL YOU in 2024! And never forget William Shakespeare:“False face must hide what the false heart doth know.”TRUST LESS OF MEN THIS YEAR… (TO BECONTINUED TOMORROW).

TODAY IS DAY 17 OF THE 21-DAY FASTING PROGRAMME! CLICK HERE to page 74 of “War Against Haman- 19”

Pray those prayers seriously! Then join the end -of – fast online prayers tonight! DAILY END-OF-FAST ONLINE PRAYERS VIA: YOUTUBE: Manna TV International And Facebook: ourdailymannaworldwide. Time 8pm Daily – Nigeria Time!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Blessed assurance…

  1. In your own words, first of all pray about today’s word now.

  2. Pray the two scriptures of today! Declare them again
    and again now! 3. Lord, do not allow the enemy to SHOCK ME this year.Pray in
    Tongues seriously now.

  3. LORD GOD, my hope is built only on You this year. I trust less of men! Lord, expose the secret plans of my haters this week, this month and this year! 5. Pray about today now!


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