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October, 2019

  • 11 October


    new our daily manna 2019

    ODM 12 October 2019 TOPIC: HARPER,S LAST CONCERT! CAUSE HEAVEN TO THROW A PARTY!-1 Basic Scriptures: John 15: 1-10; Provers 11: 30 The most famous sheep of all time is possibly the Titanic, the supposedly usinkable ship that went down on it maiden (1st) journey. Many movies have been made and many books Written about that fateful journey. Few will …

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  • 10 October

    Our Daily Manna 11 October 2019 – VIGIL DAY: UNSTOPPABLE!

    ODM October to December 2019

    Our Daily Manna 11 October 2019 TOPIC: VIGIL DAY: UNSTOPPABLE! Basic Scripture: Isaiah 60: 1-9 Do you know that you don’t need a touchlight to be able to see the sun? In the same way, when the glory of God upon you begin to shine, people will not need some external help or support before they recognize that this is …

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  • 9 October

    ODM Devotional 10 October 2019 – LIFE’S WASHING MACHINES!

    odm Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

    ODM Devotional 10 October 2019 TOPIC: LIFE’S WASHING MACHINES! Basic Scripture: John 16: 23-33 In ancient times, people used to clean their clothes by pounding them on rocks or using abrasive sands, and then they would wash the dirt away in local streams. What I have noticed about life in this world is that it it full of problems. No …

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  • 8 October

    Our Daily Manna 9 October 2019 – REPAIR YOUR ALTAR!


    Our Daily Manna 9 October 2019 TOPIC: REPAIR YOUR ALTAR! Basic Scriptures: Luke 18: 1-8; James 5:10-18 Welcome! What bullets in the gun of a soldier, prayer is in the life of a believer. You cannot afford to live your life without learning to pray Effectual Fervent Prayers (EPP) – today’s scriptures. Elijah prayed this kind of prayer and the …

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