First day of the year prayer 2023

First day of the year prayer 2023


PSALM 105:15, JER 20:11, 15:20, DEUT 33:27

Daily Manna ODM
Daily Manna ODM
  1. Thank God for the new month of SUCCESS, VICTORY, OPEN
  2. Dedicate this month to God and declare that it is well with you.
  3. Commit every day of this month into God’s hand and tell
    Him to have His way in your life in Jesus name.
  4. Prayer for 2023 My Father, My Father, I stand upon Your Word in Isaiah 54:17;
  5. I decree that No weapon formed against me this month shall
    prosper in the name of Jesus. First day of the year prayers 2023
  6. Prayer for 2023 Lord God, I decree that in line with Your Word in 3 John 2, I
    shall prosper and be in health this month in Jesus name.
  7. My Father, My Father, every instrument put in place to
    frustrate me this month, become impotent in Jesus name.
  8. Jehovah Nissi, fight my battle in the day and fight my battle
    in the night. First day of the year prayer 2023
  9. Every enemy of my destiny, die in Jesus name.
  10. Every power preventing me from enjoying the goodness of
    the Lord in the land of the living, die in Jesus name. Declare
    Psalm 27:13. Our Daily Manna 1st January 2023 – PREPARE TO WIN!
  11. Pray about your career this month now. Declare Psalm 1:3.
  12. Pray about your business this month now. Our Daily Manna 1st January 2023 – PREPARE TO WIN!
  13. Pray about your life, family and ministry this month now,
  14.  Pray about your personal issues this month now. prayer for the fist day of the year
  15. Pray about your nation now. loose peace and decree the move
    of God’s power. First day of the year prayer 2023

prayer for 1st day of the year

Our Daily Manna 1st January 2023 – PREPARE TO WIN!

5. You powers manufacturing battles for my destiny, be arrested tonight
in Jesus name.

  1. The children of Israel were set free from Egypt in the night –
    Exodus 12:42. Lot was freed in the night — Genesis 14:15. King
    Chedorlaomer died in the night — Genesis 14:15. All the firstborn of
    Egypt were killed in the night and Pharaoh’s wheels were taken off in
    the night season. Lord, tonight rain down judgment upon every
    unrepentant enemy in Jesus name.
  2. Prayer for 2023  O Lord, my name must change tonight from ‘Jacob’ to ‘Israel’. I must
    move from story to glory in Jesus name.
  3. Peter was delivered from Herod and the evil expectations of the Jews

– Acts 12:7. I come out of every demonic prison,
financial prison and marital prison etc now in Jesus name.
9. O LORD. raise me out of the dunghill of poverty, shame and disgrace
and let my enemies take my place in shame tonight in Jesus name.
10. My Father, my Father, let all those that are incensed against my life,
family and ministry be overtaken by the anointing tonight in Jesus
11. O Lord, visit me with Your power and fight my battles tonight. Turn
the tables against every witchcraft and marine power in operation
tonight. Our Daily Manna 1st January 2023 – PREPARE TO WIN!
12. Oh Lord, I command every throne of wickedness working against my
destiny at midnight to be overthrown now, by fire in Jesus name.
13. Bring my life, family and ministry out of every prison house in Jesus
14. Lord, provoke a NEW DAWN/SEASON of favour, promotion, good
health, open doors and breakthrough for me now by fire.
16. Weapons of mass destruction, weapons of stagnation, rise and fall,
disappointment, delay, untimely death and poverty, catch fire in Jesus

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17.Prayer for 2023  TAKE ANY SONG OF POWER AS LED NOW!
18. Abba Father! As the daylight breaks forth later this morning, so let
my testimony and season of jubilee break forth. Yes, let 2023 indeed
be my year of glory, results. testimonies, and celebration. Take away
from my life, any event of sorrow and bad news! Take away any
event of tears. I decree and I proclaim aloud again: “l shall not mourn,
weep, suffer loss, see demotion, see shame. see defeat or beg in
2023 It is well with me and my household.

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  1. Wow, after praying using ODM, I felt Really blessed. Amen. Thank you pastor Chris, may more anointing from our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and your family. Thanks once again, from Dr Okenwa

  2. Please I want to access the morning devotional prayers

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