1. Heavenly Father, I humbly come before you seeking restoration of the glory that has been lost in my life. Renew my strength, revive my spirit, and guide me back to the path of righteousness where Your glory shines brightly upon me once again.

  2. Merciful God, I call upon Your name to restore the lost glory in my relationships, career, and every aspect of my life. Help me to walk in Your light, trusting in Your promises to bring restoration and blessings beyond measure.


  1. Dear Lord, I acknowledge my shortcomings and the areas where I have fallen short of Your glory. Grant me the wisdom and courage to learn from my mistakes and embark on a journey of restoration, guided by Your love and grace.

  2. Lord, I surrender my past mistakes and failures to You, asking for Your divine intervention to restore the glory I have lost. Let Your grace and mercy abound as You lead me towards a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment.”

  3. Heavenly Father, I place my hope and trust in You to restore the lost glory of my health, finances, and dreams that seem out of reach. Strengthen me with Your power and fill me with Your peace as I surrender all to Your divine plan.

  4. Lord of miracles, I believe in Your power to restore what has been lost in my life. As I seek Your face and follow Your ways, I trust that You will turn my mourning into dancing and restore the glory that was once mine.

  5. Gracious God, I commit my past, present, and future into Your loving hands, believing that You are the ultimate source of restoration and redemption. Let Your glory shine brightly in my life once again, as I walk in faith and obedience to Your will. AMEN

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