1. Millions died last week! Thank God for the gift of LIFE! Surrender/dedicate totally all your worldly possessions to God again right now!
  2. Lord, grant me the grace never to be stingy concerning giving again! Claim the BEST OF YOUR LAND NOW!
  3. 1 am a giver and a tither; therefore, I rebuke every devourer concerning my life, family, business, career, academics and ministry in Jesus name (Pray it very well).

  4. I am not A NOBODY! Satan, you are a liar forever! I am the APPLE of God’s eyes and I AM CREATED as a “little JESUS” on planet earth. LORD, use me! I resist SELF-PITY AND SELF COMPARISM with others!

  5. I walk in boldness and self-confidence by faith on CALVARY’S CROSS. My best days are ahead. Pray about today !

  6. Loose the salvation of souls today. Call names if you can. Blood of Jesus, show Your sufficiency in my life. I refuse to be distracted by problems. Lord, use me and fight my battles for me (Pray it very Well!).

  7. Declare several times: “Whether the devil likes it or not, I must preach the gospel. I am a firebrand and a battleaxe in God’s hands.”

  8. Pray for me ! This week, talk to someone about Our Daily Manna and the write-ups of the past one week!

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