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SHE WAS 15 YEARS LATE! Deliverance From Delay


Scripture Bullet: DANIEL 10: 1-14

There was a young lady with great beauty and character! But all her attempts to get married were always met by one obstacle or the other.

One day, in a session of prayer, a man of God who was leading the prayer session got a prophetic word that the young lady should have been in her husband’s house 15 years earlier than the time they were conducting those prayers.

However, for one reason or the other, the enemy did not allow her day of marital joy to manifest. Just imagine 15 years of DELAYED MANIFESTATION! But thank God she married at last! In this year 2022, confront every headquarter of evil manufacturing one DELAY or the other! Always remember that even Daniel against whom no iniquity was recorded in the Bible, suffered a delay of 3 full weeks!

THE ANGEL called him: “DANIEL A MAN GREATLY BELOVED,” yet he was delayed till battles had to be fought in the spirit World! GREATLY BELOVED, YET GREATLY DELAYED! This was because what Daniel was to receive would affect youu and I: END TIME ACTIVITIES OF JEHOVAH! Satan was afraid!

HE WOULD DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO DELAY YOUR SHINING! Do you know that three weeks can mean life and death of anyone? Do you know even one day can mean life or death of a soul/life? Hear this: One minute delayed OXYGEN at birth can be linked to a number of conditions that include cerebral palsy and epilepsy! Yes! If a child is deprived of enough OXYGEN at birth, that destiny can be ruined forever!

DELAY IS SATANIC except allowed by God! ONE DAY’S DELAY is another day’s lack of progress! Satan knows what William Shakespeare knew: DELAY HAS A DANGEROUS END! The old devil knows that you may be delayed but TIME WILL NOT DELAY! TIME KEEPS MOVING because it is not under his control!

Don’t forget today’s devotional story even as you arise today and stop all satanic delay of 2022 and loose divine and sudden acceleration in Jesus name.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Blessed assurance…
1. O LORD, scatter ALL satanic delay operations in my life and destiny in Jesus name.
2. My Father, my Father, arise and let the haters of my SPEED be disgraced this year!
3. Lord, accelerate my destiny concerning the following areas of my life and mnistry (mention them).

  1. I reject every “GO-SLOW” arrow NOW! Every power of the evil one causing “go-slow in my life/ministry, receive the thunder of God now in Jesus name.
  2. Pray about today as led now.
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  1. Delayance is not denial, for the will it God shall be manifested in my life in Jesus name amen

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