This thread is for parents??.

This thread is for parents??.

  1. Don’t make your daughters assistant parents to their brothers. If he scatters the room, tell him to arrange it. If he rough handles his clothes, he should wash them. Never make them feel that their sister is there to SERVE them.

  1. Your boys should be fully involved in domestic chores. There should be a timetable — the day he sweeps, cleans the house, and also cooks. You should let your sons know that everyone that loves eating should know how to cook! Let them know it’s a basic survival skill!!!!

  2. Do not ask your girls to respect their brothers because they are boys. I see this a lot in homes. The parents will tell the girls: “why would you talk to him like that? He’s a man..”. No! Let your boys know that if they want respect from their girls, they must earn it!

  3. Do not stop your boys from expressing vulnerability. Don’t tell them to man up. Don’t shame them for crying. Let them express their full humanness. Boys are humans. Boys have emotions. Boys should not suppress emotions.

  4. When your girl child makes a mistake, do not say things like: “is this how you’ll take care of your husband?”. Her life is more than having a man, teach her that things should be done right not because of having and ‘keeping’ a man!

  5. Don’t compare your kids based on gender. Some parents do this. When their girl child is doing better than their boys, they say things like: “Are you not ashamed that your sister is doing better than you?! And you’re a boy…”. You‘re teaching him that excellence isn’t for women.

  6. Make your boys feel accountable. Some parents will scold their girls over something they’ll ignore the boys when they do it. Don’t make your boys feel that their standards are lower, & women have higher moral standards! You’re breeding spoilt boys who become terrible partners.

Parents, you need to realize that more than you’re grooming your children, you’re almost grooming someone’s friend, wife, husband, and we have many imbalanced marriages because boys were groomed to feel so entitled, and not accountable.

We have many women suffering in marriages because they end up with grown men who can’t do nothing that offer the barest minimum and expecting maximum results.
These women keep sticking with abusive men because as kids their parents made them feel keeping a man was all…

Good morning great Educators.

Forward to your parents platform.

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