War Against Haman -14 Day 21 – LORD, TAKE ME TO MY GOSHEN, THIS 2019!

War Against Haman -14 Day 21




Welcome to this last day of this fasting programme! Psalm 107:10 and 14 says, “Such as sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, being bound in affliction and iron: He brought them out of darkness and the shadow death, and break their bands in sunder”. Life in Egypt was a life full of darkness for God’s people. Light symbolizes God! 1 John 1:5 declares that “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all”. Note the words “AT ALL” Whatever your FATHER GOD has not allowed or planted in your life/ministry is defined as DARKNESS!

War Against Haman -14 Day 21

War Against Haman -14 Day 21

I prophesy: On this last day of this fasting program and AT THE WORLD ANOINTING STORY TO GLORY NIGHT OF 12 PROPHETIC ARROWS TONIGHT, ANY TRACE OF DARKNESS WILL SCATTER in Jesus name! From today/tonight, whatever represents darkness in your life, family, ministry and destiny shall divorce you and be extinguished from you by the glorious light of Jesus! GOSHEN represented LIGHT and that’s where you are moving to! Yes! Remember that there was this plague of darkness in Egypt. Ah! That plague is described as darkness, “which can be felt”! It covered “all the land of Egypt”, so that “they saw not one another, neither rose any from his place for three days” (Exodus 10:21-23). Wow! They were STAGNATED AND LIMITED for 3 days! THEIR ARCHITECTURE, BEAUTIFUL MANSIONS, WELL DESIGNED STREETS, ENVIABLE FLOWERS/GARDENS, THEIR GLORY AND GLAMOUR WAS COVERED FOR 3 DAS, so that the GLORY OF GOD’S PEOPLE COULD BE SEEN! Amazing God! This year, God will COVER the GLORY OF 230,000 ENEMIES OF USERS OF THIS BOOKLET and the ODM DEVOTIONAL, so that your STORY to GLORY testimony will be VISIBLE TO ALL! ALL the prayers you have prayed in the last 21 – day fast (January 2019) or 14-day fast (July 2019) shall not be in vain! All the prophetic seeds you sown will spring up as GLORY VOICES to speak for you! War Against Haman -14 Day 21 – LORD, TAKE ME TO MY GOSHEN, THIS 2019!

I decree that God will turn the GLORY of your enemies to GROANING because from today/tonight, THEY SHALL BE BIND TO YOUR SECRETS! Ah! I see you moving from STORY TELLING to GLORY SHOWCASING this year! In this year of STORY TO GLORY, those opposing your GLORY LAND shall be given a permanent BED OF AFFLICTION. Hear this:”….but all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings. “That means the darkness in Egypt did not get to the land of Goshen (Ex. 10:23b). There is still a land called, “GOSHEN” in every country today! EGYPT is a land of STORY! STORY and STORY – Stories of pain, sweat, delay, confusion, mockery, etc. GOSHEN IS GLORY! GLORY AND MORE GLORY! – a place of the anointing called: “MY CASE IS DIFFERENT” It is where God wants to take you to this year and whether the devil likes it or not, you get there! GOSHEN is GOD SEPARATING YOU FROM THE CROWD of darkness and confusion! GOSHEN IS GOD TELLING YOU THAT YOUR CASE IS DIFFERENT! GOSHEN IS GOD USING YOU AS HIS SHOWROOM (GLORY ROOM) FOR ALL TO SEE HOW GOOD HE IS! Yes, it is the summary of the fact that your God can move a man or woman from STORY to GLORY by mercy! It is a darkness-free land! It is a land free from sickness, disease, untimely death, disappointment, DISGRACE and bondage. Prophet Isaiah caught a glimpse of the glory of that land when he prophesied: “…I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them” (Isaiah 42:16). It makes no difference where you are or what you are passing through righT now. GOSHEN (your land of STORY TO GLORY) is possible. This is your year! Tonight is your night! Declare aloud, “LORD, TAKE ME TO MY GOSHEN! TAKE ME FROM THE CROWD OF STORY TELLERS TO THE LAND OF GLORY SHOWCASERS TONIGHT in Jesus name!” Congratulations for a great year 2019! SEE YOU TONIGHT at the TBS Lagos, 7.30pm-3.30am (January 25th, 2019) or Saturday July 20th, 2019, 8am at Manna Prayer Mountain, Ogudu Orioke, Lagos, Nigeria! Bring your 12 prayer points tonight! Bring your SAND tonight! It is your STORY TO GLORY WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT! Amen and amen! Pray now!

War Against Haman -14 Day 21

1. Psalm 92:1; LORD, I give you thanks for this new dawn and season of my life.
2. Psalm 94:18; I worship you LORD for Your mercy that has kept and helped me thus far in Jesus name.
3. Matthew 3:17; Concerning all I have prayed in these past 20 days, thank you for great answers LORD! Let Your heavens open wide for me today, in this last day of this fasting programme and beyond in the name of Jesus.
4. Confess any known sin now. Lord God, show Your mercy on me daily this year!
5. PRAY IN TONGUES SERIOUSLY NOW AS LED concerning the prayers of the Past 21 days (January 2019) or past 14 days (July 2019)!
6. John 1:5; LORD, light and darkness have nothing in common. This day, separate my glory from the cloud of darkness by fire in Jesus name.
7. Vs. 5; LORD, my glory cannot be rubbished, my light cannot be dimmed. I shall manifest Your splendour on every side this year in Jesus name.
8. Vs 5; Whatever represents darkness in my life and ministry, you have overstayed your welcome; catch fire and scatter now in Jesus name.
9. LORD, bring me and my household this year out of darkness and the shadow of death, and break the bands of wickedness asunder in Jesus name.
10. O LORD, I cannot end up in shame this year and my fast cannot be in vain. Lord, take me to my GLORY LAND of answered prayers and manifestation.
11. Isaiah 42:16; LORD, take me to my GOSHEN this year, make the crooked places straight before me in Jesus name. War Against Haman -14 Day 21 – LORD, TAKE ME TO MY GOSHEN, THIS 2019!
12. Vs 16; Satan you are liar, I must get to my GOSHEN LAND this year and I must possess my possessions in Jesus name.
14. I decree that the “GLORY” and BOASTINGS” of my haters are among the GLORY OF 230,000 ENEMIES that shall be covered this year!
15. I decree that in this year 2019, my STORY to GLORY testimony will be VISIBLE TO ALL in Jesus name!
16. LORD, TAKE ME TO MY GOSHEN LAND this year, deliver me and my household from the bondage of Egypt in Jesus name.
17. Lord, move me from STORY (EGYPT) TO GLORY (GOSHEN) this year! Make a DIFFERENCE with my life, family and ministry! Lord, let it be said that MY CASE IS DIFFERENT in Jesus name!
18. I receive the ANOINTING OF “MY CASE IS DIFFERENT” in Jesus name.
19. Exodus 10:23; LORD, take me to GOSHEN, the land of no sickness. I shall be sickness-free this year in Jesus name.

20. Vs 23; LORD, use my life and ministry this year to show the difference between GOSHEN and EGYPT in Jesus name. I receive the ANOINTING OF “MY CASE IS DIFFERENCE”.
21. Vs 23; I shall not die in Egypt (STORY). LORD , take me to my GOSHEN; the land of GLORY, this year in Jesus name.
22. Vs 23; LORD, take me to GOSHEN! Deliver me from the land of marital and financial affliction in Jesus name,
23. Vs 23; LORD, take me to GOSHEN! Baptize my labour with favour and let uncommon success locate the work of my hands in Jesus name.
24. O God, I must enter my land of promotion and career breakthrough this year, stagnation must bow to by fire and thunder in Jesus name.
25. My Father! My Father!! ENOUGH OF STORIES! Move me to my GLORY LAND; open for me INTERNATIONAL DOORS, let new helpers locate me by fire in Jesus name.
26. Vs 7; O LORD, take me to my Goshen this year. I receive visa open doors through the embassies now by thunder in Jesus name.
27. Vs 7; When they are saying there is a cast down, I and my household shall declare that there is a lifting up in the land of Goshen in Jesus name.
28. Vs 8; O God, what keeps men in perpetual bondage in Egypt shall miss my address this year because I am now a citizen of Goshen in Jesus name.
29. Vs 8; You spirit and power of COLLECTIVE CAPTIVITY, I am not your candidate, Goshen is m land; loose me now by fire and thunder in Jesus name.
30. Prov. 23:18 – In Your Own Words, Pray Seriously About Your Personal 2019 Prayer Points And Expectations Now! They Shall Not Be Cut Off in Jesus name. Amen! (Bring them to TBS).
31. Ecc 11:4 – “He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap”. I reject DISCOURAGEMENT in SEED SOWING! I refuse to allow battles or DELAYS of the past to stop my SOWING AGAIN this year! As I sow or have sown my STORY TO GLORY SEED (“MY CASE IS DIFFERENT SEED”) by faith, and pray the SPECIAL “GLORY – PROVOKING PROPHETIC PSALM” (GPPP), which I will pray for 5 weeks, my name shall be GOSHEN this year in Jesus name.
32. As I sow my “STGS” – STORY TO GLORY SEED and receive my SPECIAL “GLORY – PROVOKING PROPHETIC PSALM” (GPPP), which I will pray for 5 weeks, the God of MERCY, who knows the number of hairs on my head, will move me from “STORY TELLING” to GLORY SHOWCASING” this year in Jesus name.
33. TONIGHT, as I carry out the PROPHETIC ACTION of PRAYING WITH SAND which I will bring from my place of residence, work place, ministry arena, village square, school ground, father’s house, mother’s house, business area, etc, AT THE WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT OF 12 PROPHETIC ARROWS, O EARTH, vomit and release my Glory this year by fire in Jesus name!
34. O EARTH, vindicate me and swallow up every enemy of my promised financial, marital, spiritual, ministry, health, career, job and business glory this year in Jesus name.
35. As I carry out the PROPHETIC ACTION of shooting my 12 PROPHETIC ARROWS AT THE WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT today, each for the 12 months of this year, every arrow shall deliver to my life, family and ministry my GLORY LAND in Jesus name. Tonight is my night! This is my year! Amen!
36. As I carry out the PROPHETIC ACTION of praying my 12 PRAYER POINTS AT THE WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT, EGYPT must let me go and GOSHEN will shine forth in Jesus name.
37. Pray about tonight’s WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT NOW! Pray for me, Dr. Chris and all ministers that will minister tonight!
38. Pray for all the types of workers and music ministers tonight!

39. Decree Journey mercies (TO and FRO) for all who will travel from across the globe to Lagos tonight and beyond.
40. Bind the spirit of losses, accidents or death.
41. Decree that there will be GREAT JOY in your land after tonight’s programme!
42. Thank the LORD for answered prayers in this prayer programme and for your STORY TO GLORY testimony this year and beyond in Jesus name!
43. DECREE THIS ALOUD AGAIN NOW: War Against Haman -14 Day 21 – LORD, TAKE ME TO MY GOSHEN, THIS 2019!
“I have reached the end of this programme for good! In this 2019, my STORY TO GLORY Year, I shall see incredible and uncommon Glory in all facets of my life/family/ministry! I shall not end up as a shameful STORY TELLING! I AM MOVING FROM STORY TELLING TO GLORY SHOWCASING! I shall not serve God without results show this year! I decree that my HEAD and destiny shall be CROWNED WITH GLORY! I AM MORE DANGEROUS THAN DANGER! Yea! I am UNSTOPPABLE AND DANGEROUS because I am a seed AND A DIVINE EGG that does not expire! Even when fallen/buried to the ground in setbacks, delays or battles, I shall come back stronger and bigger! I am an answer to someone’s questions! Battles come to find me but NO BATTLE CAN DEFINE ME! AS I PRAY WITH THE SAND which I SHALL TAKE TO THE WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT, THIS EARTH SHALL FAVOUR ME THIS YEAR AND THIS EARTH SHALL FIGHT AND CONTEND WITH every SATANIC SERPENT confronting me this year! I REFUSE TO MISS THE ANOINTING NIGHT! MY PAIN SHALL NOT BE IN VAIN! I SEE GAIN AND I SEE THE HATCHING OF MY DIVINE EGG! Yes! My former name STORY! My new name is GLORY! I resist DISCOURAGEMENT! I shall sow my “SACRIFICIAL STORY-TO-GLORY SEED” (STGS) – LAND OF GOSHEN SEED in this fasting program and I shall pray the “GLORY-PROVOKING PROPHETIC PSALM” (GPPP), which I shall receive! Thank you LORD JESUS for tonight! So help me God! Amen and amen!”

44. Thank the LORD for answered prayers! Take your best worship song now!
45. Thank the LORD for answered prayers and shout 21 Halleluyahs now.
46. See you at TBS Tonight with SAND from your village, office, business place, compound, project sites etc. IT IS A PROPHETIC NIGHT AND YOUR FAITH WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS AND LEVEL UP EVERY VALLEY! JESUS IS LORD! War Against Haman -14 Day 21 – LORD, TAKE ME TO MY GOSHEN, THIS 2019!


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James abimbola
James abimbola
5 years ago

Pls how can I watch the world anointing night program online tonight,I am in UAE

Onyire Chinazor
Onyire Chinazor
5 years ago

I thank God for moving me from Egypt to Goshen this year 2019 and beyond Amen .God bless Odm man of God and all the 2019 21 days fasting program planner in Jesus name Amen. God bless his Children Amen !!!!!!!

Onyire Chinazor
Onyire Chinazor
5 years ago

My stories to Glory year .I thank God for moving me from Egypt to Goshen this year 2019, God bless Dr Christ and ODM. Amen!!!!!!!

5 years ago

I took part in the fasting programme and i live in Qatar. Please how do i view or partake in this year’s Anointing night?

Melody Makhari
Melody Makhari
5 years ago

Please help us know what to do tonight to watch the anointing service. We are in South Africa.

Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago


5 years ago

I am in the United States, please write me the 12 prophetic prayer points

5 years ago

Thank God for moving me and my families from Egypt to Goshen this 2019, God I prayed that it shall be permenant. in Jesus christ name Amen.

5 years ago

Odm daily has a Facebook Nd Instagram handle. It’s not Every1 dat can attend. Please a live streaming can be done Incase of others. Thanks

Mercy Mukupa
Mercy Mukupa
5 years ago

Thank you very much Lord for my GOSHEN is guaranteed. Bless Dr Chris and the team . Am super excited

4 years ago

Thank you faithful God for the year 2019 our year of story to glory. Indeed you put glorious testimonies in my mouth this year, and you are not done yet even in this last minutes. Let your glorious favour continue with me in the year 2020! It’s a higher ground all the way to my elevation ????

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