Our Daily Manna 18th March 2018 by Dr Chris

Our Daily Manna 18th March 2018 by Dr Chris


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“I have attended any Manna programmed before now, so when this advert in our daily manna came out for this minister’ Fire Conference, I said I must attend. By the special grace of God I have send it all –that the programmed is difference from other conferences I have attended in the following ways : Also read Our Daily Manna 17th March 2018


Our Daily Manna 18th March 2018 by Dr Chris


Our Daily Manna 18th March 2018 by Dr Chris

I have now known the causes of dryness in my life and ministry. I know now the OLD TIME FAITH and I should CONTEND FOR in pastored work or assignment. I now have a better understanding of those I am called to lead as a pastor. Also, I can now boldly operate in supernatural. The man of God (Bishop Dr. Chris) poured out his life into me and my members. Thanks! From Pastor Friday D. Annie (+234-8109957130).”

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Wow! It is indeed amazing what God is doing through this vision and to him be all the glory! The first ODM minister, leaders and church workers’ conference was awesome with participants drawn from across the globe. They were amazing supernatural encounters. The Holy Ghost last-day baptism and invasion at the impartation service was awesome with diverse signs/wonders. It was a three days Mount of Transfiguration Encounter in March 2017, If Jesus Tarries to come, this year conference shall be greater in all ramifications.

One of the words to operate and manifest in the supernatural is by cultivating the presence of God. You can cultivate His presence through fellowship (IRON SHARPENETH IRON Prov27:17)! Such a fellowship time also attracts what is called the COPERATE ANOINTING! Before and after any programmed or crusade, Jesus would always retreat or withdraw Himself from men to seek the face of the Father. I always lie down on my toilet floor (not the comfortable bedroom) after any programmed to remind myself that I am nothing without him –WE ARE DUST!

Our Daily Manna 18th March 2018 by Dr Chris

Don’t miss the NEXT BATTLE AXE INT’L MINISTERS’ CONFERENCE OF 2018 FROM MARCH 23RD -26TH. 23RD IS 6PM.24 are 3 SESSIONS from 8 am. Is impartation service 8am! Venue is Manna Mountain OGUDU ORIOKE Lagos! It will be a time to learn about NEW POWER AND MINSTRY SECRETS AGAIN. It will be a time of NEW FIRE FOR NEW LEVELS FOR MINSTRY and it is for any ODM users who are thirsty to be used by God even in your own little corner! Remember that you are dust and to dust will you return! Let HIM USE YOU AS HIS BATTLE AXE OF WAR AGAINST SATANIC KINGDOMS! Plans for the three days mentioned and be there!

Call +243-8023421513, +2348023232214,+234817804303 for hotels plans for other enquiries! Pray now! See ODM 2018 Daily Reading 

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 2: My hope is built….
1. Pray about today’s word as led.
2. O God let my life and ministry see a NEW FIRE this year!
3. Open my eyes to NEW SECRETSOF MINISTRY!


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