ODM Today 19th March 2018 By Bishop Chris

ODM Today 19th March 2018 By Bishop Chris


See more FIREWORKS from the last BATTLE AXE conference! Your life and ministry are next!
“I got born again on August 1982 in a ministry regarded as the holy. I have attended conference and seminars organized by local, national and international personalities. I thank God for Bishop Dr. Chris. He taught us deep secrets of ministerial success and fulfillment. He taught us deep secrets of God greatness e.g. Mark 16 and other scriptures applicable to secrets of miracles! He taught us not to bother about the manifestation. He spoke about seeking God’s heart and not his hand! READ HERE ODM Today 18th March 2018 By Bishop Chris


ODM Today 19th March 2018 By Bishop Chris

ODM Today 19th March 2018 By Bishop Chris

I cannot enumerate it all, but I am and forever am inflamed. My life has change! I stand tall before any situation. I receive fire for boldness! I am well equipped. I have never seen my n=minister conference in this form. Praise the lord! Evangelist Toluwani Elizabeth (+234818059256620): “then share this with me from OLORUFIME RICHARD DAIYE (+2348073001032): “The church that I pastored was stagnant and not growing; members came and the kept leaving one by one. My wife and I became worried. ODM Upcoming Events 2018

We decided to pray and fast and told God to double the members and last years, God gave us more than double; more importantly, he gave us work –dedicated people.’’ Then this bombshell from this Apostle of God and great Nigerians ACTRESS who was great at the last 2017 BATTLES AXE conference, APOSTLE EUCHRIA ANUNOBI (+2348037141185):” the entire conference was a manifestation of a raw grace. Secrets of operating powerfully as a minster in the supernatural and the healing grace were released. Scriptures and techniques were displayed.

ELOHIM used our Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe mightily to reveal his source of power. 24TH ARE 3 SESSIONS FROM 8AM. 25TH is impartation service 8am! Venue is Manna Mountain OGUDU ORIOKE Lagos.”

ODM Today 19th March 2018 By Bishop Chris

Don’t miss the next BATTLE AXE INT’L MINSITERS CONFERENCE OF 2018 MARCH 23RD 25TH. 23RD IS 6PM Don’t forget that IRON SHARPENTH IRON (Prov27:17)! These will be three days of your SHARPENING for GREATER and FASTER RESULTS! A blunt tool takes more time and struggle! Remember that you are dust and to dust shall you return! Call +2348023421513, +2348023232214, +2348178034303 OR E-mail: orderodm@ gmail.com for hotel plans and other enquiries! ODM


PRAYER POINTS: Take song 1: draw me nearer…
1. Pray about today’s word as led.
2. My life and ministry will be SHARPER this year! I refuse to ne BLUNT any longer! Holy Ghost set me on a new FIRE this year! Our Daily Manna Devotional January to March 2018
3. Open my eye to NEW SECRETS OF MINISTRY!


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