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Everyone who has ever gone far in life, everything that has ever made perfect sense at all, was based on something which kept it firm. As mighty as a Ship is, it needs just a little anchor to hold it in place. As funny looking as fuel looks, it powers a vehicle no matter its size. No true believer, no matter how highly placed, can live life to the fullest on a daily basis without taking his strength from the food which God provides daily for the Soul. This food is not just our daily physical provision; it is the Bread of Heaven – The Word of God.

daily bible study

You wanna live a meaningful and purposeful life on a daily basis, don’t just read the Word like you read your daily Newspaper or any soft sell magazine, STUDY IT.



“For the Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart”. –Hebrews 4:12.

Some of the so called Christian I know would ask that question above. “Do I have to carry the Bible all around for you to know that I’m a Christian?” Really? But you do carry your phone all around don’t you? How many Christians can go a whole day without their phones? Impossible, you say? Why then do we have several of us go for days on end without studying the Word of God? As water is to a plant, so is the Word of God to the believer. Here are some benefits of studying the Word of God:

  1. It nurture every believer. Joshua 1:8 says when you grow in the Word, you will have good success.
  2. It strengthens. Colossians 1:11. We get strength to face the challenges that comes with each passing day for sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. When we hear of some of the things happening in our society, we tend as humans to be down casted, but the Word helps us to cope.
  3. It Corrects and Reproofs us thereby guiding our way from destruction. II Timothy3:16
  4. It assures us of a bright future here on earth and hereafter in Heaven. Jeremiah 29:11. DAILY BIBLE STUDY


The Word of God in the heart of one who is really studying to gain something from it runs through the mind as water passes through a straw or we would blink our eyelid but that is just the beginning of the process. It goes into the innermost parts of our heart, begins t search through the reader’s mind, develops into his imaginations, he catches a Rhema of the Word, works on him and then he, in turn, can share to others what he has learned.


“Study to show thyself approved unto God….II Tim. 2:15”. “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of Grace….4:16”


  1. Approach the Throne with sincere Humility.

2.Worship in Spirit and in Truth(speak in tongues if you can)

  1. Open up your heart to God.
  2. Ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit
  3. Take a pen and a jotter. Write down in detail every revelation God gives to you in His Word. You never can tell when this will come in handy.

“When you read, you skim the surface,

When you study, you discover the treasure”. Study to show yourself certified by God and not man.

Jesus the Son of God Himself when He came to us in human form found time, out of His daily busy schedule to be with His father and maker, Matthew 8:1, 14:13. Jesus knew the importance of spending time alone with God to hear from Him, replenish strength to minister with effectiveness. In our daily struggles, some usually leave God out of their whole 24hours. All He’s asking for is just a few minutes or hour at a stretch that will give you control over the whole day. There is no one who spends quality time with God that doesn’t live to tell the story. DAILY BIBLE STUDY

Every one of us has a friend. Over time, it is either we become like our friends or they become like us, in a way because we are who we walk with. Consciously or unconsciously, the person of our Lord Jesus Christ will begin to rub off on you when you spend time with him. Soon, people would comment on your change of attitude and outlook towards life. It changes your approach to and how you handle situations. If you have ever been with any genuine Man of God, there is usually an aura about them. Not necessary the fear of them, but respect for WHO they carry inside of them. Bastards are called so because they do not behave like their father. If we then do not behave like our Maker because we take no time to be with Him, then soon people will refer to us as bastards. In the Word of God, there is a chastisement, yet there is hope. There is life and joy. There is peace and assurance of an eternal life and so many more. It all begins with your determination.

Make the decision today! DAILY BIBLE STUDY


A time of at least between 45 minutes to 1 hour is suggested for the
guidelines below. You could exceed it.
1. Look for a quiet time and place.
2. Start with brief prayer and worship {see beginning of this
booklet, for a “morning devotion” prayer plan}.
3. Read the passage (Basic Scripture) for the day twice.
4. Think (Meditate) on anything you have learnt personally
from your heart and the Holy Spirit.
5. Pray on what you have learnt.
6. Go over the whole passage once more and read the write
up {commentary} from the daily manna for the day.
7. Worship God and make definite commitments
8. Finally, pray the prayer points on the page for each day aggressively,
many times and carry out any assignment or instructions
9. Now, you are too hot for Satan and his agents.
10. At your extra time, please go through the further reading
11. Pray in tongues seriously daily.
12. You can use the selected warfare prayer points and songs
at the beginning and end of this booklet daily respectively


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