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TOPIC: Doubting Gideon

It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first

TEXT: Judges 6:33-40 (KJV)

33 Then all the Midianites and the Amalekites and the children of the east were gathered together, and went over, and pitched in the valley of Jezreel.

34 But the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon, and he blew a trumpet; and Abiezer was gathered after him.

35 And he sent messengers throughout all Manasseh; who also was gathered after him: and he sent messengers unto Asher, and unto Zebulun, and unto Naphtali; and they came up to meet them.

36 And Gideon said unto God, If thou wilt save Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said,

37 Behold, I will put a fleece of wool in the floor; and if the dew be on the fleece only, and it be dry upon all the earth beside, then shall I know that thou wilt save Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said.

38 And it was so: for he rose up early on the morrow, and thrust the fleece together, and wringed the dew out of the fleece, a bowl full of water.

39 And Gideon said unto God, Let not thine anger be hot against me, and I will speak but this once: let me prove, I pray thee, but this once with the fleece; let it now be dry only upon the fleece, and upon all the ground let there be dew.

40 And God did so that night: for it was dry upon the fleece only, and there was dew on all the ground.


KEY VERSE: ““Behold, I will put a fleece of wool in the floor; and if the dew be on the fleece only, and it be dry upon all the earth beside, then shall I know that thou wilt save Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said.” – (Judges 6:37)


(daily manna dclm 2022)


Leon McKenzie wrote, “We come into the world with question marks in our heads… which are never fully erased.” We are not alone. Sarah doubted she could have children in her old age. Moses doubted he could save Israel out of Egypt’s bondage and Thomas doubted Jesus’ resurrection.

Gideon also doubted God’s call on his life. In preparation for his commission to deliver Israel, he wanted a proof from God that He would save Israel through him. He put a fleece of wool on the floor and asked God to allow the dew fall on it only while the ground around it would be dry. After this was done, he asked God to confirm his commission by reversing the miracle with the fleece now dry and the ground wet.

Gideon’s test is not a model for New Testament saints. He was the Old Testament version of doubting Thomas. It took the angel from God a while to convince him that he was the right man for the job. Then Gideon got thousands of volunteers when he sent messengers to the tribes for help in the war. Gideon still hesitated until yet another sign. He was asked to visit the camp of the Midianites and hear one of the soldiers narrate a dream that indicated he and Israel would win the war, before he moved.

We have a better covenant with better promises and provisions than the Old Testament saints. Above all, the Holy Spirit dwells and abides in us to lead and direct in all things. God still speaks to His children today through various means including the Scriptures and the Spirit’s inner witness. We must not hesitate after knowing His will, direction and purpose for our lives.

Don’t be a doubting Thomas.

Nehemiah 11-13

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Seeking for confirmation of divine guidance

  1. The wisdom in seeking for confirmation

a. We are in the last days when, more than ever before, divine guidance or messages can be misinterpreted, “counterfeited” and misunderstood.

b. The Bible commands that we should “test the spirits whether they are of God”, I John 4:1.

c. In view of the multiplicity of false prophets and prophesies, the Bible commanded that “Let the prophets speaks two or three and let the other judge”, I Corinthians 14:29. An indication that the prophets themselves may be deceived or can be deceivers.

d. The human reasoning is never sanctified and can be hijacked by thoughts from different sources with claims of divinity. So we must be very careful.

e. Satan and his agents are also specifically assigned and empowered to pretend to be from God and thereby deceive or confuse those who are naive, 2 Corinthians 11:14. “Satan also appears as angels of light”.

f. The only perfect canon for determining the divine authenticity of a guidance, revelaltion or prophesy is the written Word of God, Isaiah 8:20.

g. So there is wisdom in asking for confirmation of a supposed divine guidance, revelation and prophesies.


a. Can you think of examples of saints who were deceived of being led by God and they paid a heavy price for not seeking confirmations.

b. Was Gideon right therefore to ask for confirmation of divine guidance?

  1. When to ask for confirmation

a. If Gideon was asking for confirmation to confirm whether it was God speaking to him, his mind or another spirit, he would be justified. But that was not the case.

b. Gideon had no doubt that the message was from God. His asking for confirmation was out of needless unbelief and fear as if God may not either be trustworthy or lack the power to do what He promised. Some ask for confirmation to see if God will change His mind.

c. Once we are sure that it is God that is speaking or it is written in the word of God, what God demands from us is obedience of faith. Asking for confirmation in such cases amount to lack of faith in God.

d. For a sincere seeker, God confirms His guidance or messages in different ways. He could use another method to speak to you, there could be confirmation through His anointed ministers or directly from His written Word. He can decide to give you increased peace or withdrawal of peace while still seeking His face.


a. What are the other unacceptable reasons why some wait for confirmation after they are certain of the word of God?

b. There are cases of people in the Bible who doubted God after hearing His word and they were severely punished. Can you recall some of them? Think of Zechariah the father of John the Baptist.

  1. The written word of God is above confirmation

a. Once it is the written Word of God in the Bible, there is no higher authority to test its authenticity. It is final and perfect, John 17:17b, Matthew 5:18.

b. The Bible is the breath and the word of God put in written form for ease of circulation and reference, and therefore is final on all issues including doctrine, faith, moral, science etc.

Do you exalt the word of God above all knowledge, learning and wisdom in your life and reasoning?

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Prayer points:

Praise God for the Bible God has giving as light to mankind without which man would have been in utter darkness

Ask God for more understanding and faith in His word so as to give it the rightful place in your life

Ask God to be teaching you from His word so that you will never be deprived of divine guidance

Ask that the Spirit of deceptions, doubts and darkness will not have a place in our midst as a church


Where He leads me

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