Daily Manna August 24 2018 – TOPIC: MY BATTLES: HIS RAW MATERIALS!

Daily Manna August 24 2018


BASIC SCRIPTURE: Judges 6: 1-23

Welcome to today’s devotional hour with the God that is a Specialist in RE-WRITING DESTINIES AND HISTORIES! He is the Creator of history! He turns HISTORY TO HI- STORIES! What God did for the people mentioned below, He is able to do for you also. Strike him down with infantile paralysis, and he becomes Franklin D. Roosevelt. Burn him so severely in a school house fire that the doctors said he would never walk again, and you have Glenn Cunningham, who set the world record in 1934 for running a mile in four minutes and 6.7 seconds. Wow!

Daily Manna August 24 2018

Daily Manna August 24 2018

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Make him the first child to survive in a poor, Italian family of eighteen children, and you have Enrico Caruso. A BACKGROUND OF POVERTY and SICKNESS COULD NOT HOLD HIM DOWN! Have him born of parents who survived a Nazi concentration camp, paralyzed from the waist down when he was four, and you have an incomparable concert violinist,slow learner, “retarded”, and write him off as unteachable,and you have Albert Einstein. Daily Manna August 24 2018 – TOPIC: MY BATTLES: HIS RAW MATERIALS!

Throw him away to die in a dustbin and you have Chief M.K.O. Abiola, who became the richest man in Africa! Jail a man for 27 years and you have Nelson Mandela,apolitical prisoner, who later became the most powerful man on the African continent and one of the most respected men on earth! Amazing Grace! Oh indeed, God specializes in springing surprises! He can turn the worst to the best!

Daily Manna August 24 2018

He can turn every Mess into a MESSAGE for your world! Yes, He turns DELAYS to RELAYS! Your life as a RELAY means God uses your life to pass a message of HIS GRACE AND HIS MERCY to the world! Your DELAYS turn you into a RELAY AGENT! Halleluyah! God is set to make you a divine surprise! Even if you have been written off, God will scribble your name in the book of achievers! Don’t forget that I discovered this ODM vision on the day I wanted to commit suicide! Read ODM Daily 23rd August 2018 – Click here

God showed up for Gideon and you are next! Don’t underestimate yourself because He sees in you a mighty man or woman of valour! You are too great to be ignored! YOUR HAIR MUST GROW AGAIN! YOUR GLORY CANNOT BE POLLUTED! Just keep moving! Hold on! Hold out! (TOMORROW IS LAGOS (OGUDU) MOUNTAIN AUGUST ANOINTING SERVICE. TIME: 8.00am. THEME: MY HAIR MUST GROW AGAIN. MY GLORY CANNOT BE POLLUTED. Come with three Special Prayer points). Be there!

PRAYER POINTS: Take that song of worship to Jehovah now! ODM  Hymn & Praise Worship Songs – Click here
1. Satan, you are a liar! I am a man/woman of valour! Oh God, spring surprises in my life (Pray it seriously till you have peace to stop). Daily Manna August 24 2018

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2. Lord, turn every battle in my life to Your RAW MATERIALS of GREATER PROGRESS!
3. Pray about today! Pray in Tongues now as led now. Daily Manna August 24 2018 – TOPIC: MY BATTLES: HIS RAW MATERIALS!

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  1. God bless the entire ODM family for impacting my life daily with life changing messages and effective prayers

  2. Amen, we bless God for using Bishop to impact on our lives all. We must continue to follow prophetic instructions as this is our guarantee for continues growth as children of God.

    Don’t forget to Join Bishop Chris – The Saturday, August 25th, 2018 Lagos Anointing Service! Theme: MY HAIR CANNOT BE SHAVEN! MY GLORY CANNOT BE POLLUTED! TIME: 8.00am currently ongoing.

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