Daily Manna Today August 23rd August 2018



Recently, a mysterious beast described as “half human and half animal” was caught on camera in Santa Fe, Argentina after it devoured two dogs -a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull,and vanished. When the beast was uploaded to a YouTube channel UFOmania, it elicited a lot of comments from viewers. One person commented thus, “I saw one of these things in 2005. It was crossing the bridge and we came upon it. Read Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 22 August 2018 – CLICK HERE

Daily Manna Today August 23rd August 2018

Daily Manna Today August 23rd August 2018

It blew my mind because it looked at us and turned and began moving just like a kangaroo would and cleared the concrete bridge wall easily and dropped at least 15 to 20 feet.” Yet another person insisted that it is a vampire-like creature with strong roots in Latin folklore and is called CHUPACABRA. Even as we discuss this mysterious creature, the Holy Ghost wants you to remember the activities of the Midianites in today’s scriptural reading.

The children of Midian destroyed everything Israel owned and planted to such an extent that they left “no sustenance for Israel, neither sheep nor ox nor ass” (Verse 4). Oh, wickedness! The Bible further added in Verse 6, “And Israel was greatly impoverished because of the Midianites.” I decree today: Every demonic creature, habit or power devouring anything in your life must die! Daily Manna Today August 23rd August 2018 – TOPIC: THE MYSTERIOUS BEAST IN ARGENTINA! DEVOUR THE DEVOURER!

You must declare a personal war to DEVOUR THE DEVOURER! Sickness is a great devourer; it devours life, time, joy and resources, so it must die! Sin was the primary reason why the Midianites dominated and impoverished Israel. So, SIN/INIQUITY are DEVOURERS you must do everything within you to kill! Barrenness, fruitless efforts, poverty, stagnation, joblessness, rising and falling, witchcraft/wizardry are all WASTERS/DEVOURERS.

Today and the Lagos anointing service of this weekend Saturday August 25th, THE WASTER MUST BE WASTED and the DEVOURER MUST BE DEVOURED! Amen! Pray seriously now! (Get and give out this ODM Booklet as a SPECIAL GIFT item for weddings, anniversaries, dedications, birthdays, etc, to bless a soul. NEVER MISS AN EDITION! When Life ZIGZAGS, ODM creates SANITY)! Daily Manna Today August 23rd August 2018

PRAYER POINTS: Take your best worship song to God.  For ODM Hymn and Praise Worship Songs → Click here
1. Thank God for today’s word and pray as you are led!
2. Every devourer slowing down my progress and inflicting suffering on my life, catch fire now.
3. I decree: O YE WASTERS (Mention them now)! Your end has come! I command your “teeth” and “root” to CATCH FIRE now in Jesus name (Pray it seriously)!

4. All my years that DEVOURERS have wasted, Father restore them back to me now. Pray about today seriously as led. Daily Manna Today August 23rd August 2018


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