Daily Manna By Bishop Dr Chris 23 January 2019 – THIS IS YOUR “RETURN TO SENDER” YEAR!

Daily Manna By Bishop Dr Chris 23 January 2019


Basic Scripture: Esther 7: 1-10

Share with me the testimony below which was given publicly at the October 2018 ANOINTING SERVICE of the Lagos Manna Mountain: “I want to give this testimony to the glory of God and to the total shame of the devil. I am giving this testimony publicly for the first time. I am a member of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries and also a pastor there, but the battle has not been easy. I started using ODM as far back as 2010. From 2006, I started having marital issues!

Daily Manna By Bishop Dr Chris 23 January 2019

Daily Manna By Bishop Dr Chris 23 January 2019

In 2013, I was transferred under manipulation and conspiracy from my former station to where I am now in Cross River State, Nigeria. I normally attend the Lagos January World Anointing Night every January; I don’t miss it by the grace of God. So in 2013 when I was transferred, I had issues in my marriage! It got to a point, I nothing to live on with my children! I then reported my husband to the Ministry Justice (WELFARE DEPT), to let him know that we were now in the city of Calabar and the children needed to be settled.

But it was at that point that I now remembered this vision and booklet, Our Daily Manna and Ephesians 6: 12 and I decided to join the 2013 January 21-day fasting programme; I lost a lot of weight during that period due to the intensity of my fasting! On the 21th day of the fast while I was sleeping, I woman came and massaged my stomach and in that revelation, I saw how things were taken out and deposited into my stomach region! From what I say and as a professional nurse, I know it was not good news. I also prayed with Hebrew 4: 12 and finally the strange woman in my husband’s life and her monitoring spirit, which made my husband to forget my children and I for three years, was separated from him.

Daily Manna By Bishop Dr Chris 23 January 2019

On the last day of the fast, I fasted till 6pm! My daughter now called the father and SURPRISINGLY, he picked the phone and said, “Where are you people?” You must go back to school.” He went to my children’s school and paid all their bills. That is not all, this strange woman died in the same condition she had wanted me to die in! It was a case of “RETURN TO SENDER!” She died through incisional Hernia and her intestines turned rotten and bursted. God turned all her evil back to her and my husband confessed to me at that time and said that I am indeed I’m a child of God”

(Her names are withheld for wisdom sake, but ALL those who were at the great service heard it LIVE). I decree that in this year 2019 and At the World Anointing Story to Glory Night, evil bullets will return to sender! It is a “RETURN TO SENDER NIGHT” and this is your RETURN TO SENDER YEAR! We do not rejoice at the death of anyone but we must not become the victims of any enemy! Always remember Haman and Modecai! That shall be your VICTORIOUS story this year!

See you at the “WORLD ANOINTING STORY TO GLORY, RETURN TO SENDER NIGHT.” THERE ARE NO VIEWING CENTERS THIS YEAR OUTSIDE LAGOS! Open to PAGE 80 (DAY 19) of “WAR AGAINST HAMAN-14” booklet for today’s 21-day fasting prayers! Daily Manna By Bishop Dr Chris 23 January 2019 – THIS IS YOUR “RETURN TO SENDER” YEAR!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 5: →   When the morning comes…
1. Thank God for today’s word and pray generally as you are led. Daily Manna By Bishop Dr Chris 23 January 2019 – THIS IS YOUR “RETURN TO SENDER” YEAR!
2. O God, every Haman planning my disgrace will end up in DISGRACE this year!
3. O waster! Waste yourself now and die your death (Pray it seriously). Read here →   YOUR LIFE WILL DEFY EXPLANATION!


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Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago

Back to sender all my troubles in JESUS CHRIST mighty name!

Kondowe asha
Kondowe asha
5 years ago

Amen and Amen

JOYCE Osei Adjei
JOYCE Osei Adjei
5 years ago

Praise be to His name!!
Please DAY 19 is still not posted to me!
Thank you all,

5 years ago

Iam so encouraged,im in difficult situation at my work place,the human resource wants to get rid of me,she is trying to drag me into issues so that i can be fired. i will stand in faith and its time to return all evil to her.

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