SCRIPTURE BULLETS: EXODUS 7:8-12; Job 20:15-23; PSALM 125:3; COLOSSIANS 2:10; 2 TIMOTHY 3:8


WAR AGAINST HAMAN -14 2019 edition by Bishop Dr. Chris E. Kwakpovwe
WAR AGAINST HAMAN -14 2019 edition by Bishop Dr. Chris E. Kwakpov

Exodus 7:10-12 reveals: “And Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh, and they did so as the LORD had commanded: and Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh, and before his servants, and it became a serpent. Then Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments. For they cast down every man his rod, and they became serpents: but Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods. “Wow! Why was Aaron’s rod turned into a SERPENT and not any other creature? This is because Pharaoh actually wore a real and live serpent on his royal headdress (his crown). And the serpent was the Egyptian symbol of royal authority and healing. So that was God’s way of speaking to PHARAOH that He, Jehovah God is the KING of all kings and He is the HEAD of ALL PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS (Colossians 2:10)! Oh, Mighty God! Also, for some reason, the Scripture mentioned the AGES of Moses (80 years) and Aaron (83 years) when they approached Pharaoh (Ex 7:7). Yes, the LORD wants you to know that AGE CANNOT STOP YOUR “STORY TO GLORY” testimony (Psalm 9:12)! In this fasting programme and beyond, always remember that your God is the ON-TIME GOD and He is NEVER too late! “Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it does not matter” – (Satchel Paige). Age may wrinkle the face, but it is lack of enthusiasm that wrinkles the soul! The LORD is showing me that 23,700 souls using this prayer programme will achieve in later years what they were not able to achieve in their past years! Those “later years” start from this year! So cast off discouragement because the power in you is about to SWALLOW UP any other POWER! Note that the names of the two notable magicians who confronted Moses and Aaron were JANNES AND JAMBRES (see 2 Tim 3:6). Note also that the Hebrew word used for “serpent” that Aaron’s staff transformed into, is “TANIN”. This is different word that the word used for snakes in the Burning Bush episode (Ex 4:2-3). That word is “NACHASH”. The word “TANIN” used in Exodus 7 is usually a larger, more DANGEROUS reptile and is sometimes used to describe the Egyptian crocodile or a dragon. Wow! That means Aaron’s Rod turned into a DANGEROUS REPTILE that looked like a SNAKE, A CROCODILE AND A DRAGON! No wonder it SWALLOWED UP the snakes of JANNES and JAMBRES! Ah! Get ready! In this year 2019, you will be more DANGEROUS than DANGER itself! Yes! Your life, family and ministry will SWALLOW UP every OPPOSITION to your joy! Every JANNES AND JAMBRES will end up in DISGRACE with a reverse anointing of GLORY to STORY! Yes, this world and this year is full of wicked SNAKES! Some may be as poisonous as the cobra, others may be as fierce as the rattlesnake and others may be as huge as the python. But hear this: You shall overcome them by the Blood of the Lamb! Your life and ministry will show every wicked PHAROAH or evil MAGICIAN – JANNES/JAMBRES that YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE because “POWER PASS POWER”. Your wisdom will swallow up the wisdom! Your finance will SWALLOW UP their finance! Your HELPERS will swallow up their helpers and your God will SWALLOW UP their gods! Yea! Your boldness and confidence will SWALLOW UP their boastings and confidence this year! Oh, see Jer 1:19: “And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee’ saith the LORD, ‘to deliver thee” THAT IS YOUR 2019 PROMISE: They shall NOT PREVAIL AGAINST THEE! See Matthew 16:19 and also Psalm 125: Ah! THE ROD OF THE WICKED SHALL NOT REST UPON THE LOT OF THE RIGHTEOUS! JANNES and JAMBRES must RUN MAD this year! Pray now!

  1. Psalm 121:7; LORD, I thank you for another day of encounter and for sustaining my life thus far.
  2. Psalm 63:4; I bless Your name because EVIL SERPENTS must be swallowed up in this 2019.
  3. Psalm 23:6; LORD, I thank you for the release of Your goodness, mercy and glory this year in my life and family.
  4. Psalm57:2; O LORD, as I cry unto You again today, You again today, Abba Father, perform and perfect all things for me today and beyond in Jesus name.
  7. Yes LORD GOD, THE ROD OF THE WICKED SHALL NOT RESET UPON my life, family and ministry this year in Jesus name.
  8. O LORD, empower my rod to swallow up the rods of the wicked this year! Let shame and disgrace be their portion in Jesus name.
  9. O GOD, puncture the confidence of the wicked, break the pride of every enemy of my Promised Land this year in Jesus name.
  10. ROD OF JEHOVAH! Wreck havoc in the camp of my enemies; give them battles that they will fight to their graves in Jesus name.
  11. Age may wrinkle the face, but it is lack of enthusiasm that wrinkles the soul. Lord, RESTORE all I have lost by virtue of past mistakes and errors!
  12. Age may wrinkle the face, but it is lack of enthusiasm that wrinkles the soul. I refuse to give up! I decree that age CANNOT stop my destiny! Holy Ghost, RESTORE all I have LOST in my past or present in Jesus name.
  13. I decree again: I shall FLOURISH even in old age as the Palm Tree in Jesus name.
  14. Isaiah 61:7; Age does not matter to God! GOD OF RESTORATION! RESTORE double for my shame of yester years. THIS IS MY YEAR OF STORY to GLORY by RESTORATION!
  15. I am among the 23,700 souls that will achieve in later years what they were not able to achieve in their past years! Yes LORD! Move me from my years of STORY, STORY, STORY to my years of GLORY, GLORY, GLORY!
  16. 2 Tim 3:8; I command every JANNES AND JAMBERS: from January to December, BOW to GOD by force!
  17. 2 Tim 3:8; I command every JANNES AND JAMBRES: from January to December, you SNAKES and DIVINATIONS will know that THE GREATER ONE is in me!
  18. 2 Tim 3:8; I speak to every JANNES AND JAMBRES: you opposition to My GLORY LAND; from January to December, You SNAKES and DIVINATIONS will know that THE GREATER ONE is in me!
  19. 2 Tim 3:8; In this year 2019, I AM MORE DANGEROUS THAN DANGER ITSELF!I command every JANNES AND JAMBRES; you evil DIVINERS, RUN MAD every month from January to December in Jesus name!
  20. I declare concerning every JANNES AND JAMBRES: BY THE BLOOD OF THE ETERNAL LAMB, JESUS CHRIST, you will end up in DISGRACE and your so-called GLORY will change to a disgraceful STORY!
  21. I decree concerning JANNES AND JAMBRES: the ROD of God in me, His authority and power in me, will SWALLOW UP every ROD! Serpent from your kingdom month by month (mention the months of 2019),
  22. Colossians 2:10; The Rod of Aaron was turned to a snake because PHARAOH wore a snake on his head as part of his royal authority! Indeed, the God I serve is the HEAD OF ALL PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS. This is my year!
  23. The head of ALL PRINCIPALITIES AND powers dwells in me! Therefore this year I decree: You satanic Rod and SERPENT of 2019; I “SWALLOW” AND CRUSH YOU BY FIRE in Jesus name.
  24. Any weapon fashioned against me by witches and wizards, ancestral powers, marine powers and indeed any satanic kingdom, shall not prosper! I RETURN IT BACK TO SENDER in Jesus name! B-A-C-K- F-I-R-E NOW!
  25. Matthew 11:12; Satan, you are a ROBBER! Every DEMONIC SHAKE attacking my destiny, what are you waiting for! Die, die and die now in Jesus name.
  26. Vs 12; You EVIL SERPENT, you are cursed! Vomit my glory and testimony, I shall not fast in vain this year in Jesus name.
  27. Vs 12; DEMONIC SNAKES! Enough is enough! Vomit my marriage, visas, opportunities, remembrance and favour now in Jesus name.
  28. I loose my helpers, partners and associates from the mouth and ditches of evil serpents now and at the WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT in Jesus name.
  29. Exodus 7:12; LORD, MY ROD (AUTHORITY and POWER) MUST SWALLOW UP THEIR RODS THIS YEAR! I command the enchantments, divinations and sorceries of satanic rods to backfire now by fire in Jesus name.
  30. Vs 12; LORD, MY ROD (AUTHORITY and POWER) MUST PREVAIL! Let their evil decrees and evil imaginations be swallowed up and nullified now in Jesus name.
  31. Job 20:15; You EVIL SERPENT sent to swallow up my wealth, riches and prosperity which I laboured for, you shall not prosper, catch fire and burn in Jesus name.
  32. Abba Father! THE SWALLOWER SHALL BECOME THE SWALLOWED THIS YEAR! JANNES and JAMBRE shall suffocate in their wickedness and die!
  33. Vs 15; EVIL SERPENTS MUST DIE! Vomit my customers, partners, helpers and supporters now, I must move forward this year in Jesus name.
  34. I loose my delayed promotion, health, business, career and job now Evil serpents, vomit them by fire and die in Jesus name.
  35. Jonah 2:10; LORD, You cast out Jonah from the fish’s belly, cast out my destiny and hidden glory from the belly of evil serpents by fire in Jesus name.
  36. Vs 10; O God, cast out my marital destiny, financial destiny and ministry from DEMONIC SERPENTS this year by thunder and fire in Jesus name.
  37. I shall be established in righteousness this year. I AM MOVING FROM STORY TO GLORY THIS YEAR! Every area of my life and ministry shall manifest the undaunted GLORY of my God because THE ROD OF GOD IN ME SHALL SWALLOW UP THEIR ROD in Jesus name.
  38. 23:18 – In Your Own Words, Pray Seriously About Your Personal 2019 Prayer Points And Expectations Now! They Shall Not Be Cut Off In Jesus name. Amen! (Bring them to TBS).
  39. Pray about the 12 months of this year as led now; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This is my year to move from STORY TO GLORY! My GLORY LAND must locate me in January, February, March… (Mention all the remaining months of 2019).
  40. Ecc 11:4 – “He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap”. I rejected DISCOURAGEMENT in SEED SOWING! I refuse to allow battles or DELAYS of the past to stop me SOWING AGAIN this year! As I sow or have sown my STORY TO GLORY SEED (ANTI-JANNES AND JAMBRES SEED) by faith and pray the SPECIAL “GLORY – PROVOKING PROPHETIC PSALM” (GPPP), which I will pray for 5 weeks, the ROD of God in me shall SWALLOW UP the rod of my hearts this year in Jesus name.
  41. As I sow my ‘STGS’ – STORY TO GLORY SEED and receive my SPECIAL “GLORY – PROVOKING PROPHETIC PSALM” (GPPP), which I will pray for 5 weeks, the God of MERCY, who knows the number of hairs on my head, will move from “STORY TELLING” to GLORY SHOWCASING” this year in Jesus name.
  42. As I carry out the PROPHETIC ACTION of PRAYING WITH SAND which I will bring from my place or residence, work place, ministry arena, village square, school ground, father’s house, mother’s house, business area, etc. AT THE WORLD ANOINGING NIGHT OF 12 PROPHETIC ARROWS, O EARTH, vomit and release my Glory this year by fire in Jesus name.
  43. O EARTH, vindicate me and swallow up every enemy of my promised financial, marital, spiritual, health, career, job and business glory this year in Jesus name.
  44. As I carry out the PROPHETIC ACTION of shooting my 12 PROPHETIC ARROWS AT THE WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT, each for the 12 months of this year, every arrow shall deliver to my life, family and ministry my GLORY LAND in Jesus name.
  45. As I carry out the PROPHETIC ACTION of praying my 12 PRAYER POINTS AT THE WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT, every PILLARS of EVIL will WITHER and I shall be catapulted from STORY TO GLORY in Jesus name.
  46. Pray about the WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT NOW! Pray for me Dr. Chris and all ministers that will minister that night!
  47. Pray for all the types of workers and music ministers of that night!
  48. Decree Journey mercies (TO and FRO) for all who will travel from across the globe to Lagos. Loose IMMIGRATION FAVOUR!
  49. Bind the spirit of losses, accidents or death.
  50. Decree that there will be GREAT JOY in your land after that programme!
  51. Thank the LORD for answered prayers in this prayer programme and for my STORY TO GLORY testimony this year and beyond in Jesus name!

“2019 is my STORY TO GLORY Year and I shall see incredible and uncommon Glory in all facets of my life and endeavours! I shall not end up a STORY TELLER! I AM MOVING FROM STORY TELLING TO GLORY SHOWCASING! I shall not serve God without results to show this year! I decree that my HEAD and destiny shall be CROWNED WITH GLORY! Those that saw SHAME in me in the past, shall see GLORY in me this year! I shall be called, “HEPHZIBAH” because men shall see that I am the DELIGHT of the LORD (Isaiah 62:4)! Yea, I shall be called GLORY LAND and BEULAH LAND after the order of Isaiah 62:4, because men shall indeed see that the LORD is in me this year. Ah! There shall be EVIDENCE! EVIL SNAKES MUST DIE and JANNES JAMBRES MUST RUN MAD because MY ROD SHALL SWALLOW UP THEIR ROD! I am moving from STORY TO GLORY this year AND I AM MORE DANGEROUS THAN DANGER! Yea! I am UNSTOPPABLE AND DANGEROUS because I am a seed AND A DIVINE EGG that does not expire! Even when fallen/buried to the ground in setbacks, delays or battles, I shall come back stronger and bigger! They shall know that I am carrying LIMITLESS POTENTIALS AND TESTIMONIES because I am an answer to someone’s questions! Battles come to find me but NO BATTLE CAN DEFINE ME! AS I PRAY WITH THE SAND which I SHALL TAKE TO THE WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT, THIS EARTH SHALL FAVOUR ME THIS YEAR AND THIS EARTH SHALL FIGHT AND CONTEND WITH every SATANIC SERPENT confronting me this year! I REFUSE TO MISS THE ANOINTING NIGHT! MY PAIN SHALL NOT BE IN VAIN! I SEE GAIN AND I SEE THE HATCHING OF MY DIVINE EGG! Yes! My former name was STORY! My new name is GLORY! I resist DISCOURAGEMENT! I shall sow my “ SACRIFICIAL STORY-TO-GLORY SEED” (STGS) – ANTI-JANNES AND JAMBRES in this fasting programme and I shall pray the PROPHETIC GLORY-PROVOKING PSALM (PGPS) which I shall receive! Thank you LORD JESUS as my life, family and ministry shall show that I serve a LIVING GOD even as I determine to be AT THE WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT OF FRIDAY JANUARY 25TH, 2019 AT TBS, LAGOS, 7PM, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! So help me God! Amen and amen!


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Okeke Chineye
Okeke Chineye
5 years ago

Goodevening ODM, prepared for the vigil on friday but dont know the direction.I am coming from Nnewi.please i need help

5 years ago

Thank you Bishop for the revelation……?..Why God decided to use Snake and not any other animal,
God increases your anointing to function more on 25th of January (TBS) and beyond.

Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago

Thank you ELOHIM

Godwin Uduma
5 years ago

A-men,A man, Aman, Aman, Aman, Aman, and Aman.

Godwin Uduma
5 years ago

Please Sir, I may not be able to attend the (World Anointing Night) But, I still want to be part in the prayer.. Please is there any other means we or can I pray to got connected Sir?

Thank You so far for the mail.

5 years ago

Thanks so much,Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it does not matter” im so encouraged. Age may wrinkle the face, but it is lack of enthusiasm that wrinkles the soul!

Komiwe zulu
5 years ago

Glory to God of all times. May the Lord continue to increase and sustain your ministry. Amen

Janice danquah
Janice danquah
5 years ago

Pls how can i sow seed I’m in Spain

5 years ago

Have been trying to join the live broadcast with no result. Some help me please.

Abraham Grace
Abraham Grace
4 years ago

I am sick, I fell and fractured my ankle, on clutches now, please pray for me for healing

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