Daily Manna Daily Reading For 19 May 2018 – ROSE IN THE DESERT?

Daily Manna Daily Reading For 19 May 2018



A rose is very glamorous and beautiful flower. Is it possible for something beautiful to survive in desert conditions? Yes! And your life/ family/ ministry will prove it this year. Read ODM Daily 18 May “NOTHING SPOILS” By Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe

Daily Manna Daily Reading For 19 May 2018

Daily Manna Daily Reading For 19 May 2018

In the parched deserts of Africa, where rainfall is scarce and most resources are unavailable, grows a jewel – The Desert Rose! Delicately shaped, with twisted limbs, this plant grows slowly and is said to survive for hundreds of years, the tree’s swollen trunk and its roots serves as a water reservoir, enabling it to flourish in a dry, unfriendly environment. Like today’s scripture Vs. 12 says: “The Righteous shall flourish like the Palm Tree.”

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The palm tree and the desert rose are wonderful lessons for the believers (YOU)! As the desert flourishes and look beautiful where every other plant is withering and drying up, so will your life be this year 2018, even in any harsh, desert season as you journey through life! The environment may be dry, the economy crashing, politicians may be stealing all the money, jobs may be scarce and the future may be bleak, yet you and your family will blossom this year! Daily Manna Daily Reading For 19 May 2018

You shall be like a cedar in Lebanon! They are always different from all other cedars. So shall your portion be! DEMOTION shall not be your name! In this year 2018, like the Desert rose, when trials come, you are well protected! The milky sap, roots and seeds of the deserts rose contain a deadly poison! Extracts from the seeds are used to poison the tips of the arrows which local fishermen use for an easy catch at sea! You are also dangerous, acidic and poisonous to the devil this year!

Daily Manna Daily Reading For 19 May 2018

Yes! Don’t forget this: when the land is dry and colorless, this beautiful jewel in the desert puts forth a profusion of flowers (bright pink to deep crimson-red) that grows when illuminated by the sun! Wow! The desert of your life will blossom this year because the SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS (Jesus Christ) will shine on you again! You shall not move from GRACE to GRASS! HERO to ZERO WILL NOT BE YOUR STORY! That demotion or rise and fall plan will scatter!

Ah! Don’t miss the next Saturday Lagos Anointing service! Hold on and hold out! Trust God DAILY!

Daily Manna Daily Reading For 19 May 2018

PRAYER POINT: TAKE SONG 5: When the morning comes…
1. Thank God for today’s devotion. Pray about it as led. Daily Manna Daily Reading For 19 May 2018
2. Commit any pain or tears into his hands again.
3. I refuse to give up! I am terror to demons! I shall blossom and be decorated this year in Jesus name. Pray about today! Daily Manna Daily Reading For 19 May 2018

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