Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 January 2018

Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 January 2018


Basic Scripture: Roman 12: 3-17

Welcome to this new year in which you will be decorated. It will be awesome to begin this year with a personal and dedicated thanksgiving! That you are alive is a great reason to thank your God! No matter how last year or your past was, put the devil to shame and thank the giver of life-jehovah God! If you are not thankful for what you have, you are not likely to be thankful for what you are going to get this year!

Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 January 2018

Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 January


The average human being easily forgets the millions of goodness we have been blessed with by God. But the person who forgets the language of gratitude will never find himself on speaking terms with happiness because the Lord told me that he will decorate many this year! Yes! Welcome to your year of decoration! Just as Elisha tore his clothes (mantle) and put on Elijah’s cloth (mantle) in 2kings 2:9-15, this is the year in which a new mantle (divine garment) will be placed upon you! The Lord told me that it is a change of garment year! The old garment of shame and ridicule will be replaced with new garment of fame and miracles! Ah! Look for things to be thankful for, because thanksgiving provokes decoration! Stop seeing the losses, the pain, delay, etc, and see God’s ‘little’ mercies. Always look at what you have left not what you have Lost! For every allowed battle, there is a blessing attached!

Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 January 2018

Never forget this in 2018: There are enemies of personal peace: Regrets over yesterday’s mistakes, ingratitude for today’s blessings and anxiety over tomorrow’s problems! Verse 12 of today’s scripture says, “rejoice by force! Rejoice in hope of a great year ahead! Within the last few years of your life, there are things you can look back and say, “thank you Father” Sit down and count your blessings today and begin to prepare to start the year with a 21-day Worldwide fast again (from Saturday January 6th to Friday January 26th 2018)! Our daily manna prayer points

Get the “war against Haman-13” booklet which contains ALL the 21-days fasting and prayer points and crucial directions! Then prepare to be at the World anointing decoration night on Friday, January 26th, 7pm at TBS Lagos, Nigeria. It is also called change-of-garment night because through this fasting programme and that decoration night, a new garment is coming upon you! Bring any dress/shirt you do not use again or that you can tear to pieces at the anointing night after prayers! It will be a wonderful night and a wonderful year! Refuse to be discouraged or depressed! Be thankful for the gift of Life Pray again! Pray now! Our daily manna 2018

Prayer points: Take song 3: Because He Lives….
1. Thank you Lord for the gift of Life! I have Hope that this will be a greater year in Jesus name. Satan, you are a liar!
2. I ask for the grace to pray and fast again this January! Pray the “Prayers just before fasting programme” on page 108 of “War Against Human 13” booklet for the next 5 days till January 5th!

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  1. Thelma Mumba(Zambia)

    This is an amazing initiative… I couldn’t get the latest copy for 2018 but I thought of going online and I found what I was looking for…thank you!

  2. Cleopatra chakaba Tembo

    I want to thank the Almighty God for making alive today am so greatful and indebted to Him. I also thank and pray that the daily manna will continue to inspire many. I have been blessed by this book, to Dr chris i may the LORD continue to increase in u and give u more grace to streghth to carry on this vision. I decree and declare no weapon formed against you and this vision shall prosper in Jeseus name.

  3. Amen God bless you, sir, Kindly subscribe on this website by entering your email in the subscribe box, Keep visiting this page and always share the website with friends so that they can come and read and be Blessed Amen.

  4. Great, also subscribe so that you don’t miss any devotional

  5. Good morning Sir – kindly help me with the War Against Haman 13 – i want to start fasting on the 6th January – i have waiting for long for this books – mariedalliah@yahoo.com Thanks.

  6. Hello Marie, we would do our best to get it on this website. God bless you and keep coming back, to check

  7. Ok, we are working on that.

  8. Cinstance k Bwalya

    I thank God for for this devotion, it is inspiring many and it has changed my life.may God richly bless you sir and increase you in whatever you are doing

  9. my wife who introduced me to the use of odm exposed me to why is good to pray and the important of prayer in christian life, since then my life has not be the same .i wont to also thank the man of God Dr. Christ for the wisdom behind him and God will continuous to increase him and protect his family in Jesus’ name. thank sir

  10. Amen remain blessed

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