Daily Manna Devotional 19 October 2018 – DELAY IS NOT THE FINAL BUS-STOP!

Daily Manna Devotional 19 October 2018


Basic Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4: 1-18

I got this from a sister who pleaded that her identity should not be disclosed! I will indentify her simply as “Sister L,” but I am led to use her story to reach out to souls in similar situations: “I want to thank God for blessing my brother’s wife with the fruit of the womb. In the 2016 January 21-day fasting programme, one of my prayer points was for God to bless my brother’s wife who has been believing God for the fruit of the womb. Click here For Our Daily Manna 18 October 2018 – “LOOK UP AND LOOK UP

Daily Manna Devotional 19 October 2018

Daily Manna Devotional 19 October 2018

God answered that prayer and she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl in October 2016. I am really sorry for delaying this testimony as I promised God that if He does it, I will testify but I forgot in this year 2018 when the Spirit of God reminded of my vow. Please pray for my forgiveness even as we rejoice. Thank You sir,” Oh, the God who did it for this family will cancel that DELAY confronting you! The final bus-stop after DELAY is called the DANCING PARK! That will be your story!

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As I read that mail, 2 Cor. 4:1 struck my spirit: “Therefore seeing we have this ministry, we faint not.” Do you know that every child of God has a ministry and satan Is sad about that? He will do all he can do to drop arrows of frustration through any means – TESTIMONY DELAYS, sickness, late marriage or childbearing, financial blockades, betrayal by friends, slow ministry growth, disappointments, serious marital headaches or rebellions children, etc.

Daily Manna Devotional 19 October 2018

The truth is, as long as you have a ministry received by mercy, the gates of hell are in confusion because of you. Do you know that the bigger the star, the bigger the scar? Do you know that the bigger the ministry, the bigger the misery? Do you know that it is wounds that birth wisdom? God is saying to a user of this devotional: “As 2018 ends, no matter the attacks and even when the breakthrough delay defies explanation, refuse to faint.” Elizabeth was delayed but she danced at last!

Your name will change because satan meant something worse for you! In all things, give thanks! In all circumstances, hold on and wait for that which God will do in His due season! Shalom! Shalom!
For U.K partners: The U.K. Banks have been permanently restored! See page 29 for the two banks!

PRAYER POINTS: Even if you are going through “hell,” force yourself to sing a song of worship now.
1. Pray about today’s word as led now. See ODM Hymns 2018…

2. Every satanic DELAY, P-X-P-I-R-E in Jesus name.
3. Uproot secret anger against God now! Pray for the discouraged. Pray any other prayer(s) as led. Always see page 89 for BUSINESS SUCCESS MOTIVATION SECRETS

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4. Pray for the family used in this write-up.
5. Pray for ALL PARTNERS of this vision worldwide for the next 3 days. Loose HARVEST for them!
6. Pray the morning  CLICK HERE, afternoon  CLICK HERE and evening  CLICK HERE prayers now/DAILY (Page 7).

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