ODM For Champions 20 October 2018- THE RAT POISON DRAMA: YOU WILL ESCAPE!

ODM For Champions 20 October 2018


Basic Scripture: Psalm 71: 1-12

I remember that years ago, a teenager in one of the Nigerian state confessed to how he had poisoned two of his half sisters with RAT POISON and squeezed them into a deep freezer. The 21 year-old school drop-out however said that the RAT POISON he had put in the food and water was meant to kill his father and not the sisters. Click here to read – ODM For Champions 19 October 2018

ODM For Champions 20 October 2018

ODM For Champions 20 October 2018

According to him, “I opened the door to my father’s house with an old key before my sisters came back from school and I hid somewhere while observing the process. The food was not meant for them; I tried to come out of my hiding place but was afraid I may be discovered. After they ate the food, it was as they were watching television that they slumped and died” Oh! What a wicked world full of wickedness! Please before continuing with today’s devotional, The Holy Ghost wants you to pray the following prayers with Holy anger:

1. O Lord, I refuse to carry the evil load of another person in Jesus name (Pray it very well).
2. O Lord, return to sender every evil arrow of the wicked in Jesus name (Pray it very well with Holy anger).

3. O Lord, as 2018 ends, my life shall not be used as a sacrifice for others to live in Jesus name (Pray it seriously).
4. O Lord, in this last quarter of 2018, deliver my family and I from all satanic, evil plans! Expose them in Jesus name!!!

5. Lord, in this last quarter of 2018, deliver me from untimely death and let evil coffins burn now in Jesus name (Pray it very well). ODM For Champions 20 October 2018- THE RAT POISON DRAMA: YOU WILL ESCAPE!

6. O Lord, turn the celebration of my enemies to lamentation. Lord, turn their laughter into tears in Jesus name!
7. Lay hands on your head or chest and pray in tongues for as long as you are led now.

ODM For Champions 20 October 2018

Few years ago after a plane crash, a pastor narrated how he was dragged out of the plane 2 minutes to take off, by his old class mate who was a pilot with another airline. He escaped the plane crash by just 2 minutes! The father of the wicked son used in today’s devotional story escaped death by RAT POISON! You too will escape every END-OF-YEAR EVIL BULET! You shall be delivered from strange arrows and from evil men! Read our Basic Scripture again (especially Vs 2)! Yes! You will escape!

Be At The Manna Women Interdenominational Power Conference. Theme: “Oil Of Grace.” Date: 24th-28th October, 2018. Venue: Ogudu MOUNTAIN Lagos – (Wednesday-Friday, 6pm each day). Saturday 27th is ANOINTING SERVICE at LEKKI, 7am!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of victory as led. See ODM Hymns 2018…
1. Pray the prayer points above again. ODM For Champions 20 October 2018
2. Pray the Basic Scripture again! Declare Vs 2 as 2018 ends. Always see page 89 for BUSINESS SUCCESS MOTIVATION SECRETS

3. I return to sender every END-OF-YEAR EVIL BULLETS!
4. Pray about today and any other prayer(s) as led now. ODM For Champions 20 October 2018- THE RAT POISON DRAMA: YOU WILL ESCAPE!


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Omosigho Evelyn Diamond.
Omosigho Evelyn Diamond.
5 years ago

To God be All The Glory in Jesus Name!!! For I am forever blessed by ODM Topics, as if the writer knows me personally. I return ALL The GLORY TO HIM THAT FAILETH NOT!!! IJN!!! AMEN!!!

Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago


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