Daily Manna Devotional 19 September 2018 – TOPIC: THINGS MAY NOT APPEAR AS THEY SHOULD!

Daily Manna Devotional 19 September 2018



Have you noticed that the LORD Jesus APPEARED AS A BABY IN A MANGER AND NOT AS A POWERFUL SAVIOUR with millions of angels? Humanly speaking, He was HELPLESS and PITIABLE! So many times, when great things are about to be dropped into your life or ministry, they may appear in another form – sometimes, very discouraging!

Daily Manna Devotional 19 September 2018

Daily Manna Devotional 19 September 2018

God may want to change your financial status by just sending as mall rebate check, but for you, it is a faith-builder! God may send you great help through the LITTLE ROD OF MOSES! The LORD many decide to feed you through a WIDOW and not a multi-billionaire! He may decide to encourage you through a little text message from a friend – AND NOT FROM A PROPHET OR BISHOP! God can send you a HELPER that appears as a new supervisor at your work place, but that is going to be the connection that launches you into your destiny!

I repeat: Years ago, it appeared that there was just an infant lying in a manger on a winter night but that was the hope of the world. It may not have looked like it that first night, but God Himself had come to us in A SMALL MANGER! He opened the gates of heaven, bridged the portal between eternity and time, wrapped Himself in human flesh, and came to restore all humanity to the PARADISE that was LOST! But it didn’t look like it at first! He appeared as just a baby. He didn’t look like a Savior! Coming into this world as a baby, it didn’t appear like He could conquer sin and death!

Daily Manna Devotional 19 September 2018

But with God, things are often much more than what they appear to be! That is why you must NEVER MISS His visitations! Stop looking at things and events from the physical only! Great testimony rain can come to your life like a little cloud that is as small as a man’s hand – you remember ELIJAH before the heavy rain? Daily Manna Devotional 19 September 2018

Do you have circumstances in your life, family and ministry that appear helpless or out of control? Don’t let appearances fool you! A great husband can come as an unqualified man! A destiny wife can appear in your life as NOT FIT! So it is in your career and business! Don’t judge people from their appearances alone! LISTEN TO YOUR HEART – YOUR INNER MAN!

God has a great plan for your life! You may not fathom how He can possibly do it! The situation around you may look impossible, but never forget 2 Corinthians 5:7 because Faith allows us to see what God can do even when our natural senses can’t comprehend it! Hold on and hold out! Click here for – “Our Daily Manna 18 September 2018

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: – My hope is built…
1. Pray about today’s word as led now. Daily Manna Devotional 19 September 2018
2. I walk by faith and not by sight! I am not moved by the things I see! Daily Manna Devotional 19 September 2018 – TOPIC: THINGS MAY NOT APPEAR AS THEY SHOULD!

3. Faith allows us to see what God can do even when our natural senses can’t comprehend it! I shall not miss God’s will on any destiny matter in Jesus name. Click here For – ODM Daily Manna Devotional 17 September 2018
4. Pray about today seriously as led now. See pages 7-9 Click here


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Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago

Help me FATHER to listen to my inner man..open my eyes LORD that I may see YOU…

Ihieanyi Anuku
Ihieanyi Anuku
5 years ago

Today I’m walking and working in faith because I’m lifted

Nnaji Caleb Chidera
Nnaji Caleb Chidera
4 years ago

Am so grateful on how am connected to ODM it has been a blessing to me and my family to the Glory of God and to you pastor God will continue to increase you i wisdom and understanding in Jesus name Amen. More Grace

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