Our Daily Manna Devotional 5 March 2018 by Bishop Dr. Chris

Our Daily Manna Devotional 5 March 2018 by Bishop Dr. Chris


Basic scripture: Micah 7:2- 10

In 1972 during the summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany, there was an attack by terrorist on the Israeli Olympic team. Sadly, eleven Israeli Olympic team members were taken hostage and eventually killed along with a German police officer, by the Palestinian terrorist group called BLACK SEPTEMBER. One of the terrorist was named AFIF (he was the son of a Jewish mother and a Christian father) and another one was called NAZZAL. Also see odm 4th March 2018

Our Daily Manna Devotional 5 March 2018 by Bishop Dr. Chris



Our Daily Manna Devotional 5 March 2018 by Bishop Dr. Chris

But get this shocker: both has worked in various capacities in the Olympic village as SECURITY AGENTS and had spent couple of weeks spying out their potential targets. Actually, the terrorist had broken the security right from the beginning of the preparations for the Olympic Games some three years earlier. The rest is history, because there was a deadly and mass massacre of the Israeli contingent who were accommodated at the popular BUILDING 31at the Olympic village. I pray that in this year 2018, God will expose every FRENEMY – UNFRIENDLY FRIENDS to you!

Our Daily Manna March 2018

Those spying on you to hurt you will RUN MAD and confess! Don’t forget too that the hijackers who took over the plane which they transformed into bombs in September 11th 2001 attack of the US World trade center, were pilots trained mostly in the United States! Also terrorist who operated in Persia as far back as the 13th century used the same method. What a world of evil and deceit! May you not train your enemies to your own destruction! May they not use your secret against you!

War Against Haman-13 March 2018

Today’s scripture (Vs. 6b) declares that, “a man’s enemies are men of his own household…” Stand on God’s word and refuse to be a victim of unfriendly friends. This year let the spirit of truth reveal every secret deceit of evil friends, neighbors, family members or business partners concerning your life. Never forget that your enemy’s friend is your enemy and the fact that you set up a fire does not mean that the fire cannot burn. Watch! Pray!

Our Daily Manna Devotional 5 March 2018 by Bishop Dr. Chris

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PRAYER POINTS: Take song 4: Tis so sweet…
I decree: Anything that can give Satan a foothold in my life is uprooted today in Jesus name.
Lord, in this year 2018, reveals any unfriendly secret or secret enemy (Pray this point seriously throughout today). Read ODM Prayer Points March 2018
I reclaim any territory in my life handed over to Satan in Jesus name. Pray about today now! See page 7 prayers.


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