ODM for March 4 2018 by Dr Chris – The G and C twin of 2018!

ODM for March 4 2018 by Dr Chris

TOPIC- The G and C twin of 2018!

ODM Basic scriptureReading

1Timothy 6: 1- 11, Hebrews 13: 5


ODM for March 4 2018 by Dr Chris

In this year 2018, you need both Gods-confidence and self to win! Vs. 6 of our 1st Basic scripture says: Godliness with contentment is great gain”. Did you get that? GODLINESS (G) AND CONTENTMENT (C ) must go together this year! They are TWIN! I call them: the G and C UNBEATABLE TWIN! That means that Godliness is not enough to win in the battles of life! Contentment is a vital key also! If you are very GODLY but be contented, depression/self-pity will kill you! Let God use today’s devotional to plant the ability to be contented with where you are today, without losing your vision for tomorrow! Stop regretting your life today! God knows why he created you an African, a European or an American, etc, and why you came to this world through you your family and not another family! Many people are changing their names to sound more like foreign names. They are changing (bleaching) their skin color and also their accent, etc.

God knows why you are short or tall, slim or fat or even an albino. He knows why your nose is very big or flat and you have a big head or a gap tooth and why your hair is short, long, brown or black.

Oh! Admire yourself! What is yours is yours! Be contented with whatever it is you are blessed with. Why become fake, a mere shadow of you person? Do you intend to pass through this world walking on another person’s footprints? What is wrong with laying yours for someone else to follow after you are gone? God has always asked you through this devotional: “Do you want to exit this world without a major achievement attached to your name?” Hear me: if you want to keep doing it the way others have being doing it, then the only achievement you would have made will be to be a glorified or successful counterfeit of the original and if you ask me, truth is, fake are unnatural and ugly! That is not your portion! So you want to become the replica of a famous actress or even the family next door? Ok, ask yourself, what makes that person more special than you? The person you are admiring today can begin to start admiring you in return and probably want to copy one or two of your original attributes tomorrow! Remember the G and C TWIN and never forget: you have just one life to live! So chill out, hit the hills and enjoy who you really are this year! This is your year!

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PRAYER POINTS: ODM for March 4 2018 by Dr Chris

Take song 1: Draw me nearer…
I shall not copy or imitate another person this year in Jesus name. What it takes to rule the world is in me!
Pray about today now! Pray in tongues now! Pray page 7 prayers!
Use the new page called: FAITH BOOSTERS daily. See page 34!

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