Our Daily Manna ODM for Today March 3 2018 – The wrong full time job

Our Daily Manna ODM for Today March 3, 2018

TOPIC- The wrong full time jobThe wrong full-time job: Discover yourself!

ODM Today Basic scripture: 1Samuel 17: 34- 54

Our Daily Manna ODM for Today March 3, 2018
Our emphasis is verse 29 and Verse 50 of today’s scripture. Everybody is special or unique in one major way or the other. God has made everyone (including you) special and different from others with different talents and attributes. The onus now resets

on you to find out what those talents are and make the very best of them this year. You can’t abandon the talents in you and desire to build on somebody else’s which you were not endowed with, just because you see that person thriving or succeeding. Today’s devotional write-up applies to ministers, businessmen, workers, housewives or students. The person you want to imitate is succeeding because he/she has recognized what he/she is blessed with, explored it, polished it and made a success of it. Meanwhile, you are neglecting

Our Daily Manna ODM for Today March 3, 2018

Our Daily Manna ODM for Today March 3, 2018

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If God can care for animals, will He not care for us also? A careful study of the activities of animals, and especially little ants, shows that God is the Provider, and He indeed gives good things to all His creatures.
When we work, He prospers it, and causes our sowing to yield harvest in due season.
When Jesus and the people were in the wilderness for three days, hungry and tired; and it looked as if there was nothing for them to eat, the God of provision showed up, and caused an abundance in their midst. From nothing to surplus. (Mark 8:1-21).

May the God of Surplus and Abundance rain abundance of blessing upon you and I in this season of abundance in Jesus’ Name.
It may look as if you have no strength, no help, no connection, like the ant; but the same God who provides for the ants, and gives them direction, will guide your steps this year and make a way for you even in the wilderness in Jesus’ Name. He’s your Helper, your Connection, and your Strength. He will surely provide for you, and cause your land to yield its harvest this year

Our Daily Manna ODM for Today March 3, 2018

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Our Daily Manna ODM for Today March 3, 2018

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