Our Daily Manna Devotional 2 March 2018

Our Daily Manna Devotional 2 March 2018


Basic scripture: 1 Samuel 17: 16- 36

It is the weapon/talent already in your hands that will deliver you or destroy you on the day of battle! The question is how you use it. Did you discover and develop it or you were busy wishing that another person’s talent/weapon was your own? See Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 March 2018

Our Daily Manna Devotional 2 March 2018


Our Daily Manna Devotional 2 March 2018

Champions (like David) rather stick to their old fashioned “ugly things”. Tell God that you will never look for or want to be like others this year! I prophesy: Others will look for you and desire to be like you in Jesus name! Did King Saul not begin to envy David at last? Men/women you want to be like today, will one day begin to want to be like you, Provided you refuse to pity yourself and get to work to admire, value and use the “little sling” in your hands daily – your little gifts and talents! Our Daily Manna 2018

God will prosper them and they will shine! You will reign as a king in life and ministry in this year 2018! Give yourself time! Don’t condemn or despise yourself! STOP EYEING OTHERS AND THEIR MINISTRIES OR BUSINESSES! God is still polishing you! Allow him! Work, pray and believe God. Refuse to believe that you are inferior to anybody! Refuse to agree to what your five senses are telling you.

Our Daily Manna  Prayer Points 2018

You are a champion in the making. Reject any other idea. Stay with your bible daily, stay clean and pure! Cut off any relationship that does not increase you! Don’t be angry with those who are despising you now! One day, they will announce you with their mouth! Was David not despised twice? (Verse 28 and 33), and yet he was lifted by God. Listen, your greatness will not be man-made!

Our Daily Manna Devotional 2 March 2018

No man will ever boast that they made you great/greater! No man will cause you to rise or fall! Your secret is with God! Trying to be like another person is idolatry! Have faith in God and He will use you as a raw material and turn you to a champion and a celebrity in life and ministry. The same God of David is still the same.

Start PLANNING AHEAD for the NEXT BATTLE AXE INT’L MINISTERS’ CONFERENCE OF 2018 MARCH 23rd – 25th. 23rd is 6pm. 24th are three sessions from 8am. 25th is impartation service 8am! Venue is Manna Mountain OGUDU ORIOLE Lagos! Our Daily Manna Devotional 2 March 2018

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song 2: My hope is built…
God of David, cause any backbone of demonic strongman behind my inferiority to be broken today in Jesus name! I refuse to despise myself! Our Daily Manna January to March 2018
David was despised1 Lord, in this year 2018, confound them that despise me (Pray it seriously).
I shall not copy or imitate another person again in Jesus name. What it takes to rule this world is in me!
Pray the morning, afternoon and evening devotional prayers today! War Against Haman-13 2018 Prayer Bullets


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