Our Daily Manna ODM March 1 2018 – The strongest of all weapons

Our Daily Manna ODM March 1, 2018

TOPIC- The strongest of all weapons: Time and Patience by Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe

Basic scripture: James 1: 1- 8

Never forget that America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, who alongside Christopher Columbus

(both Italian sailors), had on October 12 1692, arrived at the present site of the U. S. A.

Our Daily Manna ODM March 1, 2018

The two sailors

had mistakenly thought they were in India, but decided to stay behind because of the large expanse of

land there. In 1692, they never knew that the land just discovered would be the world’s number one

nation. Indeed, it is not wisdom to despise your small beginnings! They never knew that, that land would

assume the position of the Chief police of the world today. The United States today is the beautiful bride

married to all sovereign nations of the world, that cherish their sovereignty and peaceful existence,

especially now that Donald J. Trump is president otherwise economic, political or physical war will be at

your doorstep!

Our Daily Manna ODM March 1, 2018

Tag: ODM Prayer Point

Category: War Against Haman


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