Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 28th June 2018 – MOVIE IN CLASS: FENCE YOUR THOUGHTS

Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 28th June 2018



Years ago, a 12 year–old girl, Jessica Turner and her family in Chicago, USA, sued the Chicago Board of Education for $500,000 damages after she was shown a gay cowboy movie, “BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN” in a school classroom. The lawsuit claimed that Jessica Turner, 12, suffered psychological distress after viewing the movie in her 8th grade class then at ASHBURN COMMUNITY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 28th June 2018

Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 28th June 2018

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The film “BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN” which has won three Oscars, is a movie that shows two men {cowboys} falling in love [homosexuals}. The lawsuit also included the names of Ashburn principal, Jewel Diaz and substitute teacher, referred to as “Ms. Buford”. Shocking world! A gay movie being shown to youngsters in a class room? See what the teacher who showed the movie, told the children after the episode in class: “What happens in ms Buford ‘s class stays In ms Buford ‘s class.”

But the girl knew that ms Buford had no power to invade her thoughts and destroy her destiny. The girl knew that that the aim of education was to teach student how to think, rather than what to think. She knew that a man was what he thought – today‘s 2nd scripture. She knew that there was a difference between the chess player and the chess piece and that to be successful, you must avoid the crowd and do your own thinking.

Daily Manna Devotional For Champions 28th June 2018

She knew that today ‘s actions were the thoughts of yesterday! She knew that the mind of a man was the man. She knew that your attitude (your thought pattern) was what determined your attitude (your height in life/ministry). She knew that it was the within (your thoughts) that determined the without (your achievements in life), so, as soon as she got home, she told her parents.

What the Holy Ghost is saying to you is: In 2018, no matter how the past or present has been, you must never allow the devil to invade your life with negative thinking! Resist depression/ inferiority complex! Resist fear and confusion! Depression is a decoration blocker! Continue to see your dreams! God has not finished with you and if you hold on to him, you will arrive at your Promised Land because he cannot LIE! This is your year!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 2:→ Blessed assurance…
1. pray about today’s word as it has touched you.
2. Ask for the grace to think only positive thoughts this year. ODM Today Thursday 28 june 2018 – MOVIE IN CLASS: FENCE YOUR THOUGHTS

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3. Satan, you have no right to invade my mind without my permission. I command you to pack the following properties of yours (negative thoughts) now (pray it seriously).
4. From today, I set an amoury around my thought pattern. ODM Today Thursday 28 june 2018 – MOVIE IN CLASS: FENCE YOUR THOUGHTS
5. Begin to declare positive things about your future now as JULY begins!

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