Our Daily Manna Today Wednesday 27 June 2018 – DON’T FEED IT! LESSON FROM A BUDDIST!

Our Daily Manna Today Wednesday 27 June 2018



It is a generally said that: “A FOOL FLATTERS HIMSELF; A WISE MAN FLATTERS THE FOOL!” Years ago, I read of Nakani Shi, the Japanese cyclist, who became a worldwide preacher against immorality even though he was a Buddhist. He left home and decided to visit 100 countries of the world on his bicycle.

Our Daily Manna Today Wednesday 27 June 2018

Our Daily Manna Today Wednesday 27 June 2018

When asked how he coped emotionally and sexually since his wife, a journalist, was back in Japan, he said, “I get in touch with her through the internet, I do not have affairs with women. If I follow a woman, I will finish my trip! I have not had any close relationship with any woman since I started this trip. No sex! No AIDS! I saw a very beautiful women in Scotland, Czechoslovakia and Columbia, but I determined to keep myself because, No sex, no AIDS!”

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Wonderful! A Buddhist! His motivation for avoiding immorality was the fear of AIDS, but our motivation as Christian is the fear of God! However, if he could do it, then you that is named of the lord can do much more than a Buddhist! Samson in today’s scriptures could not resist Delilah’s laps, which became his OBITUARY PILLOWS (Verse 19) that shall not be your portion!

Our Daily Manna Today Wednesday 27 June 2018

Delilah means to be oppressed, to dry up or to be made thin.” After much pressure, Samson fell into the hands of the enemy through immorality. In this year 2018, be more determined than Nakani shi! Don’t feed that secret sin! Starve it to death this year! Little mice (ants) can pull a house down as long as they are properly fed. ODM 2018

Little sins grow to kill your destiny! Just one touch, one look, can be your waterloo (destruction). See Ephesians 5:3 “But fornication and all uncleanliness, let it not be once named among you…..” Then see also, 1 Cor. 6: 18 – “Flee fornications. Every sin a man doeth is without his body; but he that Committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.”

Oh flee fornication (or morality) just like you will run from a deadly snake. This year, never forget that we live and without holiness no man shall see the lord! Pray now!

Sow the NEXT “Our daily Manna” (ODM) as a seed into the life of a soul / family. Help them win the battles of the remaining half of this year! Heaven at last!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take song 4: Stand up for Jesus…
1. Repent from past immorality and take practical steps to avoid it from today. Again, just believe you can. Our Daily Manna Today Wednesday 27 June 2018 – DON’T FEED IT! LESSON FROM A BUDDIST!
2. All satanic anchors of immorality or any problem in my life, roast in Jesus name (Pray it till you have peace to stop).
3. Pray about today seriously now! Decree a New Beginning!

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