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Our Daily Manna Devotional November 22, 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional November 22, 2017


In the constitutions of most countries, the position of a
vice president or a deputy governor of a State, is like that of a spare tyre of
a vehicle The function of a spare tyre is to allow the journey to continue when
the tyre bursts. However, the spare tyre becomes useless if the tyre does not
burst throughout its many years of usage.
Our Daily Manna Devotional November 22, 2017
This seems to erroneously imply that vice presidents or
deputy governors have no constitutional roles except what the president or
governor assigns to them. There are therefore like hand bags, figureheads and
glorified errand boys sentenced to agonizing years of permanent redundancy.our daily manna 

ODM Daily Manna November 22, 2017

A very prominent victim of this
painful example was the deputy (vice) president of the USA in 1789, Mr. John
Adams. No responsibility was assigned to him throughout his year tenure as VP.
He later became president after George Washington! Aren’t you glad that in our
constitution (the Word of God), no believer id redundant and every child of God
is very crucial to God’s end time move on planet earth? 1 Cor. 12:18 seams
aloud: “God set the members every one of them is the body as it hath pleased
Him.” Vs. 22 in the amplified Bible is wonderful: “There is (absolute) necessity
for the parts of the body that are considered the more weak.”

Our Daily Manna Devotionals

What a joy! Let your local church
fell your greater impact from this week because you are very important in God’s
agenda. In your neighbourhood, you are important! Never feel inferior! You are a joint heir of God’s riches. Don’t
insult God by feeling ashamed of yourself! You have value! Be proud of
yourself in God! Be bold! You are not a spare tyre in that church, marriage, officer or community.
Increase your value! Become all you have the possibility of becoming. Maximize
your potentials. Stretch yourself to the limit. This generation is waiting for
your manifestation! Peace!
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ANOINTING SERVICE is this SUNDAY; TIME: 8am-11.30am. VENUE: Manna Mountain Ogudu
your anointing oil or any point of contact. Something great must HAPPEN! Call:
+234- 706-3324-784, +234-909-0393-966 for more information.
PRAYER POINTS: Take a song of
worship unto God as led.
In your own words, pray about today’s word as
Begin to thank God for making you so important.
AS 2017 ENDS, tell God that you will never
insult Him by feeling ashamed or inferior. I shall not COMPAEE MYSELF TO OTHERS!
There is no ‘spare tyre’ in the body of Christ.
Lord, use me to depopulate hell this month (Pray it very well).
Lord, make me a worthy vessel of honour to my
generation (Pray it very well). Pray about today seriously and shout 21 Halleluyahs
of victory and promotion!

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