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ODM Daily Devotional November 23, 2017

ODM Daily Devotional November 23, 2017



Sometimes, you have to do something you dislike to create
something you desire! Welcome to today’s devotional encounter with He that is
the glory and the lifter of your heads!

Our Daily Manna  November 23, 2017

ODM Daily Devotional November 23, 2017
Consider  the healing
of the great army General, Naaman. He did not hide his dislike for River Jordan.
Truly, River Jordan was “The people’s river” (for the masses) and usually,
all  the surrounding waste/faeces was
emptied into it. River Pharpar on the other
hand, was clean and was the king’s river.
Kings go their bath and
relaxation. In those days swimming pools were not very common. So naturally,
Naaman insisted on river Abana or River Pharpar. But he forgot that God’s ways
are not our ways.

ODM Daily Devotionals 2017

Naaman had to do what he disliked to get what he desired
(healing)! The widow had to do what she disliked to get what he desired
(prosperity)! You will have to pay your tithes, give to the poor/needy, give to
a worthy cause like to the orphans/widows, or give to a prophet of God (though
you may not like it), just to get what you desire – divine peace and prosperity.
At a stage, Jesus Christ did not want to die, yet He died! You may have to
declare a fast (your flesh hates it), to get your much needed triumph! our daily manna prayer points. our daily manna bible verses

ODM Daily Manna Devotional 23, 2017

You may have to
forgive someone that has hurt you because you desire solid answers to your
Look around your entire life and ministry! What undesirable things
would you have to do to get what you desire? Listen: That undesirable thing/action may be carrying the SECRET of
your laughter!
Oh! I see you rising from delay to manifestation because: There is something you must do in secret in
order to shine in the open.
Think, search for it and do!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take a song of worship unto God as being led.
Thank God for the Word. Pray on it as led.
Lord, deposit grace in to my life to obey You
even when it is painful. CANCEL end-of
As I take the following steps (mention what you
are going to do) Lord, grant me heart’s desires! Pray about today as led.

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