Our Daily Manna Devotional November 24, 2017

Our Daily Manna December November 24, 2017


A Christian brother Jeremy lost his of five months to cancer
and he asked the question “WHY? WHY, GOD?” But he was shocked when the answer
came back to him: “Son I didn’t want you to know why. I want you to know by
faith. Just keep trusting me as I turn that scar to a star in your story.”


Our Daily Manna November 24, 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional

November  24, 2017

Oh, what a God. Truth is as a child of God, you walk by faith
and faith alone. If you knew exactly why God did what He does, then you faith
would be useless and you will be walking with Him only by sight and never by
faith. Dear child of God, God’s plan is to turn every SCAR in your life into a
STAR (a testimony your world can relate to)! He wants to turn every HURT into a
HALO (a group of stars or an aura of glory). He wants to turn that problem or
setback o stepping stones!
Problems (SCARS) are as normal to life as the air you
breathe. Truth is, without them, you are abnormal! It is in the process of
solving problems that your real gifts, talents and calling are revealed. All of
us have SCARS, memories from our unhappy past. SCARS are ugly, and they stick
on year after year. Some refuse to go even after some major ‘plastic surgery.’ Our
SARS tell how strong we are, for having to wade through those horrible times
that may not be meant for someone else.

Our Daily Manna Prayer points

You may over scars on your face or body, but that is no way
to cover the SCARS in your heart. These scars either make you or break you! Let
the SCARS be your experience. Let them be our guiding stars! Our retired teacher,
blind in one eye, offered to donate his healthy eye for research. Can you beat
that? Oh, I remember Stella Joyce of Stella Studios now: “When life hands you a
box of negatives, develop them. “ The facts that you have problems show that
you are dangerous to the devil. He reads your stars and once he can guess that
your destiny is great, he keeps attacking! But to his shame, God will turn what
was made for bad, to your good (Gen 50:20)!
Success is not measured by what a man accomplishes, but by the opposition he encountered and the courage he maintained in his struggle against opposition. our daily manna july to september
Determine never to give up! Refuse to turn that SCAR into a
SORE (self-pity/ depression)! Stop scratching the scar! For example, instead of
crying, start a children’s club if you don’t have children yet. Femi Kuti  today, is an international anti-AIDS
campaigner because his father, Fela Anikula Kuti, Died of AIDS! our daily manna 2017
As 2017 ends and 2018 begins, do a study on any area of your
life where you messed up in the past or where you are experiencing pain/delay
presently and help your generation to win over it! Success is going from
failure to failure until you win! Turn that scar to a shining star for all!
(Part 2 is the upcoming 2018 January edition)!

ODM Daily Devotionals, November 2018

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led.
Lord, turn every SHAME to FAME; ever SCAR to
STARS! Pray over any other issue(s) depressing you!
Pray about today now! Lord, use my life as Your

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