Daily Manna Devotional Today 12 March 2019 – WHAT TO DO IN LIFE’S “COBWEBS”

Daily Manna Devotional Today 12 March 2019


Basic Scripture: 1 Samuel 30: 1-6

‘There was once a newborn butterfly, basking on a flower on a -I bright, warm, sunny day. A young boy while passing by, desired to catch it. In the ensuing panic, the butterfly flew up and got entangled in a large, abandoned cobweb. As it struggled, a mature butterfly of the same species noticed it and spoke to it as follows: “I have encountered many a cobweb myself. Follow the following steps:

Daily Manna Devotional Today 12 March 2019

Daily Manna Devotional Today 12 March 2019

A: The cobweb is of no threat to you as the resident spider has moved. The boy meant no harm. He just wanted to show you to his pals and let you go. Problems are not always as big as we imagine! Don t exaggerate problems! v\Daily Manna Devotional Today 12 March 2019 – WHAT TO DO IN LIFE’S “COBWEBS”

B. To free yourself, apply a steady pressure on the cobweb and continue until the strands break enough to let “you go.”5 young butterfly quickly applied steps and was out of the cobweb |in minutes. The truth about life is that it is full of “cobwebs” (mysterious trials). Apply the ‘ following principles in handling cobweb situations:

1. Do not allow minor disappointments to develop into major forms of distress. Never panic in a “cobweb.”
2. Know that “cobwebs” are unavoidable! No matter how smart you are in life, you will encounter some “cobwebs” (delicate mistakes) on your way through life. Refuse to condemn yourself over past “stupid” mistakes. David wept in today’s scripture Vs. 4 but moved on to victory! 3. Never draw a conclusion of utter helplessness in a cobweb!

Don’t ever think: “This is the end” or “I am finished” or “I am doomed.” 4. There is always a way out of every “cobweb.” Be patient and look for it. 5. Every problem has a solution and an expiry date. 6. In some cases, even SOLUTIONS create new problems. 7. Remember that the skies are most beautiful just after a storm! There is a testimony ahead. 8. You must take small steps in the right direction to get out of every “cobweb.” Hear James Allen: “No situation can be difficult of itself.

It is the lack of insight into its intricacies, and the want of wisdom in dealing with it, which gives rise to the difficulty; immeasurable, therefore, is the gain of a difficulty transcended.”
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PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 4: My hope is built…
1. Thank God for the Word. Pray about any “cobweb” situation confronting you right now.
2. Bind confusion, depression, self-pity and inferiority complex.

3. Father, send helpers that will push me to my victory.
4. Pray the NEW 2019 morning, afternoon and evening devotional prayers today. Pray any other prayer (s) as you are led now. Give out the next edition of ODM copy as a “MIRACLE SEED.” Expect a 3-day testimony! Daily Manna Devotional Today 12 March 2019 – WHAT TO DO IN LIFE’S “COBWEBS”



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Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago

AMEN and 2

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