ODM For Champions 11 March 2019 – ARREST THE MONKEYS NOW!

ODM For Champions 11 March 2019


(Declare A 2-day fast for faster results)!


Years ago, reports of monkeys, baboons and hyenas attacking communities in drought-stricken Somalia were common. One case was when they fought over watermelon which left several baboons dead. The singular sight of monkeys running off with bunches of bananas or large watermelons was a common, daily occurrence – thus preventing needed provisions/food from getting to the nearby hungry villagers! In fact, at that time, some villagers were so hungry and skinny that their shoulder blades were so sharp to nearly pierce through the thin, wet shirt clinging to their backs.

ODM For Champions 11 March 2019


ODM For Champions 11 March 2019

Yet the monkeys I was feeding fat and adding I weight daily! Likewise, in this year 2019, the Holy Ghost wants you to resist every plan of satanic monkeys (demonic powers) to block your needed breakthrough/STORY TO GLORY testimony package from getting to you. Yes, after finishing your 21-day prayer/fasting programme, you deserve to see some evidence of joy in your life, family and ministry. So, if you are not seeing the Hand of the Lord in your life/ministry, then it is time to stop the “MONKEYS” from taking your “BANANAS!”

It’s time to pull them from their thrones! Catch this: NOT EVERY DELAY IS FROM GOD! Don’t forget that Daniel was hindered in Persia for 504 hours (21 days) even though God had sent the answer 21 days earlier! You may not live in Persia/Somalia geographically, but there is a demonic prince (demonic monster) monitoring your prayers and looking for every available opportunity to cast away your blessings and make you feel that God is wicked.

ODM For Champions 11 March 2019

So, no matter the delay, refuse to quit trusting God. Pat Riley, former NBA player/coach noted: “There are only two options regarding commitment; you are either in or you are not. There’s no such thing as life-in-between.” True! Make up your mind to trust God again! Make up your mind to resist the satanic powers (‘monkeys’) warring against your testimony! Hold on and hold out!

(I am led to deal with DEMONIC DELAYS – Discover THE WISDOM AND SPEED OF THE SERPENT this week Sunday at the Manna Mountain, Ogudu-Orioke Lagos, 7.30am. Come with your written prayer points as we EXPLORE being as “WISE AS THE SERPENT – the 7 secrets!” Your SPEED is about to INCREASE! Be ready to pray)!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song as led and fast for 2 days.
1. Father God, I thank you for Your Word. ODM For Champions 11 March 2019 – ARREST THE MONKEYS NOW!
2. I command the council of “demonic monkeys” working to hinder or stop my joy to run into frustration now in Jesus name.

3. I resist again all invisible satanic empires (thrones and dominion) warring against my breakthrough in the following areas of my life. (Mention them…)! Pray other prayers NOW. ODM For Champions 11 March 2019 – ARREST THE MONKEYS NOW



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  1. AMEN and AMEN

  2. Fire of God, arrest that monkey now in Jesus mighty name! Amen!!

  3. Joyce Osei Adjei

    Oh Almighty God , have mercy on us!
    Despatch unto us our Michael!
    In Jesus’ Name!

  4. Philip Obuekezie


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