Daily Manna Devotional Today 26 May 2018 – THE MISTAKE THAT MOULDED PROBLEM JOHNNY!

Daily Manna Devotional Today 26 May 2018


Basic Scripture: Deuteronomy 3: 21-29

In the movie, ’STAND AND DELIVER’, high school teacher Jaime Escalante had two students in his class named Johnny. Same name! I (Dr Chris) for the purpose of this write-up, would call one: “PROBLEM JOHNNY” while the second one is “NICE JOHNNY!” “NICE JOHNNY” is a happy and an excellent student, while the other one, PROBLEM JOHNNY”, spends his time messing round and was never out of trouble. Don’t miss ODM 25th May 2018’FIRE VIGIL NIGHT: HE ANSWERS BY FIRE!’ HERE

Daily Manna Devotional Today 26 May 2018

Daily Manna Devotional Today 26 May 2018

When the Parent Teacher Association held its first meeting of the year, a mother came to Jaime and asked, “How is my son Johnny getting along?” Jaime mistakenly assumed she was the mother of better Jaime, so she replied, ‘I can’t tell you how much I enjoy him. I am also glad he is in my class.’ The next day, Problem Johnny came to Jaime and said, “My mom told me what you said about me last night. I haven’t any teacher who wanted me in his class.”

The result? He completed his assignment that day, and brought in his completed homework the next morning. Daily Manna Devotional Today 26 May 2018

A few weeks later, he had become one of Jaime’s most hardworking students and one of his best friends. His life has been turned around because of an accidental word of encouragement. Indeed, we all feel safe, relaxed and inspired whenever we are with someone that will always encourage us and not put us down. It works like this: When you look for good in a person and express it, you give them something to live up to! In other words, you motivate them to be better than what they are.

Daily Manna Devotional Today 26 May 2018

This was JOSHUA’S NEEDED MEDICINE! The Lord told Moses to encourage him – see Verses 28. And here is the great thing about encouragement: You don’t have to be rich, attractive, prominent and brilliant to give it, and it is always appreciated! So today encourage someone and make it part of your daily life! Start today! Sent at list five people an encouragement text before bedtime!

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Daily Manna Devotional Today 26 May 2018

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 1: Tis so sweet…
1. Thank God for the Word today and pray about kit as you are led. Daily Manna Devotional Today 26 May 2018
2. I against the spirit of discouragement and gloom. I therefore receive the grace to be encouraged in the Lord and also encourage someone today. Daily Manna Devotional Today 26 May 2018

Daily Manna Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Bullets (Satan, My Mouth Is Your Disappointment This Season)

3. Lord, my life shall put a smile on the faces of people; I refuse to be bitter about any situation.
4. In this year, my joy shall be complete because I shall testify in Jesus name. (Pray it in tongues seriously).


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