Daily Manna Everyday Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Points

Daily Manna Everyday Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Points


Scripture Bullets: (Exodus 7: 15, Proverbs 8: 17)


“The road to success (Decoration) is stewn with torns and only the brave and the courageous will sail through” – Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe. One of the things that the brave must do in the journey of daily success is that of fervent prayers. ODM 2018 

Daily Manna Everyday Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Points

Daily Manna Everyday Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Points

Prayers to arise, prayers to survive in the midst of diverse thorns, prayers to unlock all locked doors, prayers to run through every opposing troop of the enemy, prayers to leap over every evil wall of rejection, denial, humiliation, disappointments, failure and prayers to possess your possessions daily and achieve your heart’s desires.

Pray Now!

1. Psalm 105: 1; O Lord, thank You for Your magnificent works in my life, family and ministry.
2. Psalm 121: 1; I lift up my eyes to worship You Lord, because You have been my helper, my shield and my buckler.

3. Vs. 2; O Lord, I praise You because the earth are the works of Your hands.
4. Psalm 100: 4; thank You Lord for being my helper since the year began.
5. Vs 4; Blessed be Your Holy Name ABBA FATHER , for the continues victory that shall overflow for us in this quarter.
6. Psalm 56: 1; LORD bless me with Your mercy and goodness today and in this quarter in Jesus name.
7. Psalm 68: 19; I magnify You Lord for the good things and loads of benefits You have kept in store for me and my household this season.

Daily Manna Everyday Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Points

8. As I cry to you today Lord, let my heavens be opened and I vow to give you all the glory.
9. O God, arise and cut off the dominion of sin from my life this day in Jesus name.
10. Job 5: 12; Lord, disappoint any plan of the devil to decorate me with shame and disgrace today/this quarter in Jesus name.

11. O God; let their evil garments of poverty rise and fall syndrome, demotion and stagnation catch fire today and daily in this quarter.
12. Psalm 56: 5; My father! My Father!! Let the memories of my enemies fail them this day and daily in this quarter.
13. Vs 6; Lord, by Your thunder and lightning, blind the eyes of every enemy that will monitor and mark my steps this day in Jesus name. Daily Manna Everyday Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Points

14. Psalm 91: 5; O God, deliver me from any evil arrow designed to cripple my efforts today by fire.
15. Isaiah 49: 25; O God of war; arise and contend with any power and personality contending with me.
16. Vs 25; LORD, contend with the workers of iniquity and wickedness working against my destiny now by fire.
17. Vs. 25; O God, salvation belongs to you; save me and my household from the clutches of captivity this day in Jesus name.

18. Job 38: 12; O you morning, hear the Word of God; release my honour, decoration and favour today in Jesus name.
19. Isaiah 54: 3; O God, let the four winds of the earth blow out the hidden treasures of darkness to my direction today by fire. Daily Manna Everyday Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Points
20. Vs. 3; O you my caged wealth and riches, hidden and stored in secret places, come forth today by fire and thunder.

21. Matthew 11: 12; O LORD, take back my spiritual life this quarter by force. Any plan designed to mark me weak, scatter now by fire in Jesus name.
22. Vs 12; I take back my health, family, finance, job and business etc now by force in Jesus name.
23. Vs 12; violently I scatter every satanic roadblock designed to stop my testimony and announcement this season by fire.
24. Vs 12; violently I crush every force of frustration mounted on my destiny pathway now in Jesus name.

25. Job 22: 28; I decree that the sun, moon and star shall shine, operate and wok for my good today/daily in this quarter. Daily Manna Everyday Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Points
26. Vs 28; O light of God, shine upon my way today and open every closed door for me in Jesus name.
27. Psalm 121:1; Jehovah Ebenezer; you are the source of my help; command help for me in this quarter and indeed this year in Jesus name.

28. Isaiah 60:1; Abba Father! Baptize me with Your manifest glory as I step out this day in Jesus name.
29. Matthew 15: 13; O God, disappoint and root out of my life, family and ministry every spirit of ‘once upon a time’ now by fire.
30. 1Timothy 2: 1-2; Pray for me Dr Chris, my family and for our helpers today.
31. Job 22: 28; pray now and nullify any plan to derail this ODM vision through marine witchcraft agents and court cases or evil bloggers.
32. Ephesians 6: 8; Pray in tongues concerning today as led now.

Daily Manna Everyday Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Points

33. Psalm 103: 1-5; Bless the Lord with that song or see the odm hymns, praise and worship songs now and give Him thanks for answering your prayers and for wiping your tears today. (NOW SAY THE DAILY PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS ON THIS WRITE-UP/ARTICLE, “SATAN, MY MOUTH IS YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT AGENDA” to know what to declare in all battles).
34. Now open today’s devotional scripture and write-up and pray the prayers seriously including any other instruction. Daily Manna Everyday Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Points


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Modiroa Ellizabeth Mashigo
Modiroa Ellizabeth Mashigo
6 years ago

Thanks for the scripture referenced for us to use. I felt them impacting on me when I read them yesterday because indeed we are too much thorns in my family and I need to unlock some doors which are locked to cripple us as a family. Since I receive daily Manna I see myself being restored little by little for God’s glory.I am going to use them even today during the night to see more breakthroughs’for me and my family and other children of God.Thanks

5 years ago
Reply to  odmdaily


Ndanji Nachilongo
Ndanji Nachilongo
5 years ago

I thank God for this ministry may the almighty God continue using you to change lives in Jesus name

Vivian Tandoh
Vivian Tandoh
4 years ago

Thank you Bishop for laying down your life to be used by God to encourage, help, lift and also motivates us with the undiluted word of God. In fact each topic of this week devotional message really speaks to me and helps me and am grateful because it falls on what am really Going through. God bless you . VIVIAN (Ghana)

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