Daily Manna For Champions 21 September 2018- TOPIC: THE ANTS ARE COMING! – 2

Daily Manna For Champions 21 September 2018



Yesterday’s devotional contained this: The GOSPEL has afflictions! True, the GOSPEL means GOOD NEWS, but that good news also has AFFLICTIONS! Oh, the mysteries of God! It is like saying that SUGAR IS SWEET BUT IT ATTRACTS ANTS that can make it useless (destroy its purpose)! So, the same good news called the GOSPEL also attracts wicked, dubious, deceitful, envious and uncommon enemies – ANTS! Click here to read – Daily Manna For Champions 20 September 2018 – “THE ANTS ARE COMING! – 1

Daily Manna For Champions 21 September 2018

Daily Manna For Champions 21 September 2018

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But the great news in yesterday’s word was: You were called BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN (PURPOSE) and the GRACE you need for that PURPOSE was manufactured to go along with that purpose BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN! That is why NO BATTLE (ANTS) CAN CONSUME YOUR SWEETNESS or PURPOSE! Halleluyah! That is why no allowed AFFLICTION can drown you! There is EQUAL AND EXCESS GRACE for every battle, delay or pain!

Oh, wise God! That is why you MUST NEVER COMPARE yourself to others BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW THEIR PURPOSE! It is PURPOSE THAT DETERMINES THE KIND OF BATTLES YOU CONFRONT! It is your PURPOSE that determines the kind of GRACE you carry! It is God and it is called AMAZING GRACE! I discovered that the higher I go with God, the higher my battles and the higher the grace! Sometimes after each victory, when I look back, I wonder how I coped! Then I quickly remember that 7-lettered word – “PURPOSE” and that 5-lettered word: “GRACE!”

Daily Manna For Champions 21 September 2018

There are seasons of DANCING and PEACE, then there are seasons of WAR and TEARS! BUT EACH SEASON BRINGS EXTRA GRACE that turns into EXTRA VICTORIES! The person you are envying may be going through battles in other hidden areas of their lives, families and ministries! So, if the LAMB was slain before the world began – from thefoundations of the world and PURPOSE WAS CREATED at that time, then NOTHING you are going through or will go through is a SHOCKER to your God!

No wonder Job screamed in his afflictions (Job 23:10): “But He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” Yes! HE KNOWS THE WAY YOU DON’T KNOW! He knows where you are going! He knows your current battles and He knows your future battles and He has prepared your SUPER STORY for the world! Refuse to allow DEPRESSION when you don’t understand ALL THE THINGS happening to you! HE KNOWS! And your last bus-stop shall be called GOLD! Tomorrow-THE SIEGE IS OVER!Be there!

TOMORROW: How To SEDUCE/ ENTICE Money, Breaking Financial Blockades/Understanding The Hidden Secrets OF MONEY AT THE LEKKI – SEPTEMBER LAGOS ANOINTING SERVICE.Time: 8.00am. VENUE: Oando or Chisco B/stop, Besides Oando Filling Station, 4th roundabout, LEKKI! Daily Manna For Champions 21 September 2018

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PRAYER POINTS:Take Song 2: What a friend…
1. Pray about today’s word as led now. Daily Manna For Champions 21 September 2018- TOPIC: THE ANTS ARE COMING! – 2
2. Thank you LORD for the gift of PURPOSE and the gift of GRACE! Pray about today now!

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