Daily Manna For Champions May 21st 2018 – NONE MEANS NONE!

Daily Manna For Champions May 21st 2018



Verse 26 of today’s first scripture gives us an insight into the identity, mission and assignment of the one that i call ‘’ Jehovah overdo’’. He said these words thousands of years ago and he has not changed his ways. He has not exceeded his healing power, and the devil and the kingdom of darkness have not yet been able to come up with a sickness or infirmity that my Jehovah Rapha cannot deal with. Don’t miss ‘Rose In The Desert?‘ Daily Manna For Champions 19 May 2018

Daily Manna For Champions May 21st 2018

Daily Manna For Champions May 21st 2018

Hear his words again and let them strengthen your faith today. “I will put none of these diseases upon you…. NONE means NONE! It means that u will never be afflicted by God with any of those diseases. Instead, what will you do? I am the God that heals you” this means that he will take those diseases from you and keep them from coming upon you and all yours this year! Oh! Thank you Jesus! Satan is the one that afflicts people with diseases Acts 10; 38 says that; Jesus went about doing good and healing, “all who were oppressed of the devil.”

ODM Devotional  2018

The devil is the oppressor. He is the one who oppresses people with sickness and disease. In today’s second scripture Vs.16, Jesus said, ought not this woman. Whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond?’ It was Satan that bound her. Please stop justifying sickness and disease as due to old age or any other reason. The real reason is one word: SATAN. But, thank God, there is no bond or chain that Satan and his demons can use that your God cannot break and destroy!

At this weekend’s Lagos (OGUDU ORIOKE) anointing service and indeed worldwide, YOKES OF SICKNESS and DISEASE will be DESTROYED. Arrows of spending your money on sickness shall be REVERSED! Those using sickness to REDUCE YOU will dry up! Every plan to DISGRACE you will SCATTER! That plan to move your life and ministry into REVERSE GEAR will BACKFIRE!

Daily Manna For Champions May 21st 2018

Don’t miss this Saturdays Lagos Ogudu Anointing service! Keep on standing on His word until your COAT OF MANY COLOURS SHOWS UP! Hold on! This is your year! Daily Manna For Champions May 21st 2018

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 4 ; Stand up for Jesus ..
1. Pray for yourself concerning today’s word as led now. Daily Manna For Champions May 21st 2018
2. NONE means NONE! Father, let your healing power flow through my body now and destroy every agent PLANNING MY RISE AND FALL through sickness in Jesus name.

Daily Manna For Champions May 21st 2018

3. Lay your hands on every part of your body and speak healing and divine health. I decree healing over my body in Jesus name NOW!
4. EVERY YOKE OF SICKNESS inherited from my fathers and my mother’s DNA, BE BROKEN BY THE ANOINTING OF THE HOLY GHOST now and at this SATURDAY OGUDU Anointing service. I receive the HEALING ANOINTING in Jesus name. Daily Manna For Champions May 21st 2018


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