ODM Daily Manna Devotional 22nd May 2018 – ISSUE A QUICK NOTICE NOW!

ODM Daily Manna Devotional 22nd May 2018


Basic Scripture: Isaiah 53: 4-6

Welcome to today’s devotional encounter with Jesus Christ, the BATTLE STOPPER and the UNSTOPPABLE GOD. One of the important things you need to discover in life is to FIND OUT WHAT HE (JESUS CHRIST) HAS DONE FOR YOU. When you know what He has done for you, you will know you have rights to, and you will be able to live the life of victory that Jesus has purchased for you. Be inspired by ODM Daily Testimonies click HERE

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ODM Daily Manna Devotional 22nd May 2018

Today’s scripture tells us one of those things that He has done. Verse 4, “He hath borne our grief, and carried our sorrows,” Notice that it says “HE HAS.” It is something that has already been done. Halleluiah! This means that YOU DON’T HAVE TO BEAR ANY KIND OF SICKNESS AGAIN. You don’t have to submit to sickness and allow it to rule over your body again. Sickness is your enemy, and that is why Jesus came to deal with it. He has dealt with it, and it is now for you to stand your ground on the Word of God and REJECT SICKNESS AND DISEASE. You wasn’t opportuned  to read odm 21 May 2018? read here

I don’t know what they have told you in the hospital. I don’t know what you have been struggling with for so many years. You have prayed and fasted and asked God to take this sickness away.” I want you to change your perspective today. HE HAS DEALT WITH IT! That is what the Bible says. So, what you need to do now is to take those verses (Isaiah 53:4-5) , and use them to ISSUE A QUIT NOTICE TO THAT INFIRMITY THAT HAS ATTACKED ITSELF TO YOUR BODY.

ODM Daily Manna Devotional 22nd May 2018

Yes! It’s a quit notice. A quit notice backed by the power of the living God. DECREE THAT YOU WILL NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY AND RESOURCES THIS YEAR ON SICKNESS! Sickness is an agent of HERO to ZERO arrows! It is an agent of PALACE to PRISON story! it is a demotion key! Healing and divine health is yours now, take it and enjoy it to the fullest! I am led to ask you to sow a SACRIFCIAL seed (AS LED) of, ‘’ NO-MORE-MONEY-FOR-SICKNESS’’

ODM Daily Manna Devotional 22nd May 2018

1. In your own words, pray over today’s word as led now. ODM Daily Manna Devotional 22nd May 2018
2. I decree that I will not spend my money on diseases! I shall spend for God! So help me lord as I sow this SACRIFICIAL seed! ODM Daily Manna Devotional 22nd May 2018
3. Every demonic plan to make me die or WRECK me through sickness, be scattered NOW in Jesus name. I claim my healing NOW (touch that area of your body and declaring.’’ I CLAIM MY HEALING NOW)


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