Daily Manna Reading For Champions 5 June 2018 – PAIN IS PROGRESS WHEN PAIRED WITH PURPOSE!

Daily Manna Reading For Champions 5 June 2018



Welcome to today’s devotional! A man who wanted to commit suicide years ago wrote the following: “The philosopher, Albert Camus, believed there was only one truly philosophical question: Whether or not a person should take his or her own life. I was 16 years old when I first tried to kill myself.

Daily Manna Reading For Champions 5 June 2018

Daily Manna Reading For Champions 5 June 2018

In retrospect, it was probably more of a cry for help than anything else. I had been suffering from depression for several years. A few months prior, I had driven my car off the road with the intent of continuing to drive off a cliff when, at the last moment, I pulled back onto the road, headed home and proceeded to tell my mother that I needed to see a counselor right away.

Up until this point, I had mostly been able to keep my dejected spirit hidden from those around me, pretending the cuts on my arms stemmed from playing football in the yard and falling into a thorny bush. If you’re many things; introspective, worried, hopeful, hopeless, intelligent, at times happy, and others, excruciatingly sad. Every one of us needs something we can lean on when our legs can’t seem to hold us up. Whether its friends, family, a pet, passion project, or partner, don’t be afraid to call upon it when life overwhelms you.

“Pain is progress when paired with purpose.’’ Oh, don’t forget this: He allows the pain is progress when paired with a purpose! And that’s how God deals with us: He allows the pain we can bear! That was why He gave SATAN a BOUNDARY and He drew A LINE SATAN COULD NOT CROSS concerning the temptations of job. Job 2:6 says: “And the LORD said unto Satan, “Behold, he is in thine hand; but save his life.’’ There is a BUT to every temptation.

Daily Manna Reading For Champions 5 June 2018

That BUT is the LINE Satan is not allowed to cross! That BUT is the line after which the trail will begin to DESTROY you and God will NOT allow that! So, pain is always paired with a purpose as far as God is concerned! That is why ALL THINGS work together for your good at last! Reject DEPRESSION! The only cure for depression and thoughts of suicide is the word of God and seeking for support/help from your pastor, friends, family or partner! Don’t be ashamed to call for help when life overwhelms you!

We all pass through that ‘’OVERWHELMING PHASE’’ from time to time! And that is why I am available at the Manna Mountain Ogudu or Lekki for ‘’ONE- ON-ONE’’ sessions every Sunday! Even pastors are coming and God is helping each soul! I am only free on Sundays! I use all weekend to write. Oh! Always remember that there is no pleasure without pressure, no trumpet without tears, no victory without conquest and no prize without a price. Daily Manna Reading For Champions 5 June 2018

Pain is progress when paired with a purpose you see that battle, failure, disappointment etc. As a divine messenger with a purpose in your life this year. Philippians-7 Says; Be careful (anxious) for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplications, with thanks giving, let your request be made known unto God……; 1 peter 5:7 says; casting all your care upon him because he cares for you. “Our supreme example, Jesus Christ paired his pain
with his purpose which resulted in his progress.

Daily Manna Everyday Deliverance And Breakthrough Prayer Points

His decoration as the Lord of Lords! Be like him! Pair that pain with a purpose and hold unto HE that calls the things that be not as though they are! Pray now! Daily Manna Reading For Champions 5 June 2018

PRAYER POINTS; Take song 3: It is well with my soul…..
1. Pray for all ODM users bound by the spirit of depression/ suicide worldwide now.
2. Pray about today and about other issues affecting your peace now.


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